6 Side Effects Of Green Tea 2023 [Never Make Such Mistakes]

Worldwide, green tea is popular not only because of its digestive properties but also due to its taste. While most people use it for weight loss, it is important to know about the 7 mistakes made during its consumption.

Different types of coffee or tea exist, but when it comes to health, green tea has numerous benefits.

6 Side Effects Of Green Tea

It helps prevent seasonal allergies, reduces the risks of diabetes and cancer, provides relief from digestive issues and headaches, balances cholesterol levels, maintains the health of teeth, heart, and kidneys, and includes metabolism-boosting action.

Medical experts recommend avoiding certain mistakes during the consumption of green tea to obtain its correct health benefits.

Consuming green tea on an empty stomach:

Instead of regular tea, green tea is often consumed in the morning, considering it healthier. Medical experts suggest that green tea can increase stomach acidity, which can lead to discomfort or nausea.

Therefore, it is better to eat something before consuming green tea to prevent digestive issues.

Excessive consumption:

While it is true that green tea has numerous benefits, consuming excessive amounts can cause insomnia, restlessness, and digestive problems.

Consuming green tea at night:

Green tea contains caffeine, and if consumed before sleep, it can disrupt sleep patterns. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid green tea at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

Consuming green tea immediately after a meal:

Consuming green tea immediately after a meal can interfere with the absorption of iron from the food, leading to a deficiency of iron in the long run. 

Nutritionists suggest that green tea should be consumed before or approximately one hour after a meal.

Combining green tea with medication:

Green tea can interfere with certain medications, such as those for thinning blood or treating depression.

If you are taking medications for such conditions, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consuming green tea.

Reusing a tea bag multiple times:

To obtain the complete nutrition and benefits of green tea, it is recommended to use fresh tea leaves or a new tea bag every time. Reusing a tea bag multiple times is not advised.

It is important to be aware of these mistakes in order to obtain the correct health benefits of green tea.

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