7 Amazing Benefits Of Gardening For Health In 2023

A house filled with flowers and plants adds beauty to any ordinary place, but do you know that gardening is one of those few activities that are most beneficial for health?

Many of us find joy in living and working in green spaces. When we have trees, plants, flowers, and grass around us, our mood also improves.

However, when it comes to health, gardening strengthens your immune system, and sharpens your mind, according to a report from the medical website Healthline.

7 Amazing Benefits Of Gardening For Health In 2023

What other benefits are there? Let’s find out:

Assistance In Reducing Stress

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology revealed that plants present in homes and offices provide a soothing and calming effect.

In the study, two groups were given different tasks. One group was given the task of removing the soil from the plants present in the house and putting it back, while the other group was given a task related to computers. 

After each task, the participants’ hearts and blood pressure, including their stress levels, were assessed.

The results of the study showed that gardening indoors reduced stress, while those who performed computer tasks experienced increased heart rate and blood pressure. 

However, the young participants in the study were familiar with computer work.

Researchers concluded that working with plants can reduce physical and psychological stress.

Gardening Beneficial For Mental Health

Gardening can be helpful for people who exhibit signs of mental illness.

Researchers believe that gardening therapy is highly beneficial for patients with depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Gardening is food for the soul

It is an interesting fact that plants can help eliminate our mental stress.

This fact has convinced NASA to conduct an experiment. This experiment proved that gardening can keep astronauts mentally alert and happy in a harsh environment far away from Earth.

Their research revealed that planting and sowing seeds can improve a person’s mood and reduce mental pressure.

Increase in immune defense

Multiple studies have shown that having plants in the office enhances productivity and creative abilities.

The results of a study conducted in 1996 revealed that students working in a place with plants showed a 12% increase in productivity and had to deal with less pressure.

Plants can improve air quality

Plants can also contribute to improving air quality. In addition, they can help eliminate air pollution.

If you are considering buying plants, make sure to choose those that can improve air quality.

For example, you can buy Areca palm, Lady palm, Devil’s Ivy, and Bamboo Palm, apart from Boston Fern, Rubber Tree, and Spider Plant.

Change in mood

Taking care of plants, pruning, trimming, and cultivating vegetables can have a positive effect on a person’s mood.

Spending 30 minutes in the garden, decorating the backyard, and taking care of the plants can be beneficial for a person’s mood.

A sense of responsibility

Gardening instills a sense of responsibility in people. Taking care of flowers and plants in the house, and watering them regularly also instills a sense of responsibility in other members of the house.

It not only affects adults but also children who can learn to take care of and protect plants.

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