Download Pokemon GO v0.69.1 MOD APK Android Game

Charizard, Venusaur, Pikachu, Blastoise & many others have been discovered.
You Can Download Android Game “Pokemon Go v0.69.1 MOD APK” For Free by Click Below Download Button.
In This Android Game, you can discover & capture the Pokemon all around your android phone.
You need to get your shoes to step outside & start exploring the world.
In this game, you can join one of three teams & the battle for prestige & ownership of Gyms with your Pokemon at your side.

What is New in the New Version of Pokemon Go v0.69.1?

  • In this new version, the user can add icons to the Pokemon information screen to indicate how the Pokemon was caught.
  • Added the ability For trainers to send berries to Pokemon defending Gyms through the Pokemon information screen when they are not nearby.
  • Add the ability for Game Trainers to give Berries to Pokmon defending Gyms if their motivation meter is 100% full.
  • Improved Pokemon Collection Screen, Search Functionality, and Various bug fixes.

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Download Pokemon GO v0.69.1 MOD APK Android Game

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