5 Best Android Apps to Write on Photos | Poster Designer

Best Android App: A Picture is worth a thousand words. However, A Photo with some valuable words over it is likely worth much more.
Digital Marketers & Influences, Know the importance o good visuals & accompanying words. They often use different pictures & text editing apps to add meaning to their pictures.
Well, who does not do that? In this social networking era, we often add some text to pictures to share them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and What’s app.
5 Best Android Apps to Write on Photos | Poster Designer
Be it a caption, funny comments, answers, or a meme, we often add text on background pictures. Rather than adding some casual text to the picture, we should throw in some effects, styles, and awesome-looking fonts.
To make it easier right to use the applications below to add text on pictures so that you can also make your content stand out.

How to add text to an image

There are some different ways to add text to pictures. Using Photo Editing Software on a PC or an online tool to annotate an image is very simple.
But or most people, capture an image with her / his smartphone and use a text on picture application to put some awesome and beautiful worlds on it.

There are Top and 5 Best Android Apps to add text or caption on images

1.  Canva Professional Logo Maker, Flyer, Poster Maker

Canva Professional Logo Maker, Flyer, Poster Maker
Canva is one of the best and popular photo editing android app with over ten million downloads & has Perfect built-in Functionality to add some text into visuals, especially for creating quote imagery often seen on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pinterest.
Aside from adding text, Canva Poster Maker is ideal for making posters, banners, flyers, and even logos for your business. if you are looking for an android app that can add some more functionality than text editing, the canvas is 100% the right application for you and your business.

Click Here Download Canva Professional Logo Maker

2.  Font Studio РThe Best text on Photos and editor

5 Best Android Apps to Write on Photos | Poster Designer | Banner Designer
Font Studio is user friendly and easy-to-use Android app which encourages its users to combine great visuals with plenty of different fonts & Features to make their pictures look more lively, Motivational, and realistic.
With the use of the right effect & the right font app, users can easily create high-end breath-taking designs without being a professional designer.
Font Studio offers 120 built-in fonts while also enabling users to add more than one layer to the text and change their color, size, transparency, & much more.
The only downside of this application is that its free application is packed with way too many ads to handle, so it feels like the developers want to lure you to upgrade to the paid version.

Click Here and Download Font Studio Photo Editor

3.  Pic lab Professional photo Editor

3. Pic lab Professional photo Editor
This android app will allow you to be innovative & experiment with multiple fonts & Designs to create that perfect photo for the story or feed.
The best part of this application is because it allows users to become playful with the application & try out new styles to make a perfect match.
The app offers many different fonts to choose from, this application makes it easy to resize, rotate & color the text in use.
Aside from the fonts, the app offers a lot of artwork to make your pictures stand out, & many awesome effects & filters to make it truly stunning.
Just like the title above, this awesome app is packed with in-app purchases although they are not necessary to create powerful visual messages.

Click Here and Download Pic Lab Profession Photo Editor

4. Overlay Photo Editor

Overlay Photo Editor
The overlay is an ideal android app for photographers who are looking to add additional value to their mesmerizing photos.
Photographs look even more artistic & stylish with the right quote on, and this application allows you to add awesome typography, beautiful layout, and much more.
The app connects to the most popular social media networks like Facebook, google plus, Twitter, Instagram. which makes sharing even more effortless. Given that the application was installed over 5.1 Million times, it just shows it’s impeccable quality.
in this app custom typography feature allows users to choose among 65+ different fonts to flatter the visuals; the user can mix them & choose different colors to match your design.
There are many overlays that can be combined with typography to make breathtaking banners and posters. you can easily add beautiful quotes, birthday cards, love quotes, and other types of quotes.
Finally, this app has many image filters, masks, erasers, and different features to boost your design quality.

Click Here and Download Overly Photo Editor

5. Caption It

5 Best Android Apps to Write on Photos | Poster Designer | Banner Designer
Captions add additional value to your images, & Caption may be a perfect choice for those who want to make empowering, moving & encouraging captions.
You can capture a photo directly in the application, or import them from your phone gallery. Easily drag the beautiful text & position it anyhow you want.
Unfortunately, the functionality of this application falls behind than above android apps. But it’s still an amazing and excellent app for those who want to customize their images, add funny or wise captions & and choose different colors and rotations for their texts.

Click Here and Download Caption It Photo Editor

5 Best Android Apps to Write on Photos | Poster Designer


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