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Don’t Touch My Smartphone is a warning application for mobile phone thief Anti-theft Alarm and Alarm application for don’t touchback. Anti Theft Alarm APK Free Download.


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Overview and Features of Anti Theft Alarm APK

  • Before You Download Anti Theft Alarm and Alarm APK for Touch APK, You Can Read a brief overview & features list below.
  • Don’t Toch my smartphone (Anti Theft Alarm APK) is a warning application for smartphone thief
    Anti-Theft Alarm APK is a sensitive application with mobile touch alarm & secure data with password protection.

  • Alarm you with a notification when the battery low or the charger disconnect.
  • Don’t Try to touch my smartphone otherwise, you will be red-handed.
  • A motion sensor automatically activated at theft activity or phone stolen or ring alarm at wrong password entry.
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  • Users can turn on or off the alarm at the personal password or pin code or pattern unlock.
  • Catch mobile phone snoopers or those who try to enter the wrong security password or catch intruders red-handed.
  • Users can set police alarm tone for anti-theft or phone thief & choose loudly alarm to immediately aware.
  • Charging theft giving you alarm notification at charging removal or data-stealing or entering wrong security password.
  • Don’t Touch my smartphone or don’t unplug before full charging.
  • Set the Theft alarm to avoid 3rd party users who try to use your smartphone without permission.
  • Anti Theft Alarm Activated at pickpocket or smartphone thief.
  • Anti_Theft Alarm Apk keep all smartphone stolen thief away from you.
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  • This app discovers people who try to access your smartphone either are serious thieves or your close friends try to use your smartphone without your permission.
  • You can Set Don’t touch My smartphone or don’t remove charger without my permission.
  • Theft protection application ring an alarm for thief catching.
  • Anti-theft security is a hidden eye-catch smartphone thief or 3rd party intruder.
  • If you worried that someone tries to access your smartphone then try this Anti-theft Alarm APK as hidden security for you.
  • With Anti_Theft Alarm APK saves your smartphone is stolen.


  • Don’t touch my privacy or smartphone or anti-theft security.
  • Anti_Theft Alarm and Alarm APK for Don’t touch offers you to keep touch smartphone and know when some access your smartphone.
  • While travelling enable a motion sensor or pocket sensor made to more secure your smartphone from being snatches or theft smartphone.
  • No one can unlock your mobile phone with a security password try because your mobile phone will alarm at the wrong password anti-theft alarming feature.
  • Anti Touch smartphone keeps the thief & burglar away from your smartphone.
  • Best application for thief catcher with fully alarming anti-theft security for you.
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