Bulk SMS And Email Sender APK Free Download

Download Free Bulk SMS and Email Sender. Bulk SMS and Email Sender are ideal for sending advertising SMS To their Customers & generally mass Mailing information to a large number of persons. Bulk_SMS and Email Sender Free Download Latest Version of Android.

Overview and Features of Bulk SMS And Email Sender APK

Before you Download Bulk SMS and Emails Sender APK, you Can Read a Brief Overview & Features list below.


  • Bulk_SMS & Email and turn on a specific date & time. The application is ideal for sending advertising messages to their customers & generally mass mailing information to a large number of persons.
  • Subscribe to a specific date & time in development, but will automatically update the application when this function is completed.
  • Working with the application read the User Guide!
  • The access the application user manual you need to select “Manual Download” & you will be on the website of the application in the main menu, where you can download it easily,
Bulk SMS And Email Sender APK Free Download


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Features of  Bulk SMS And Email Sender APK

  1. Send Bulk_SMS and Email
  2. Can Be Sent Sequentially & on a specific date & Time
  3. Create a mailing to which to attach a message to send contacts from the phone book, text files, contact or excel file.
  4. An Excel file, you can create text to insert into the message, it is possible to enter text message which additional text in the right places, & to enter different text for each number, for example when accessing the message to enter the number owner name.
  5. This application can work in the background, you can minimize the program & do their business on the phone, & the program will send a message to yourself.
  6. The application itself defines its destination SMS or Email, so you can enter addresses in discord phone & electronic boxes.
  7. If the message is too long, then the program will divide it into several Messages that will send a series.
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Application File Size: 3.2 MB

Bulk SMS And Email Sender APK Free Download


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