Download Instagram Lite App [Introduced Again]


Download Instagram Lite App [Introduced Again]: Instagram introduced the Lite app in 2018 but removed it from the Google Play Store in the spring of 2020.

The app is now being re-launched in 170 countries, with new features added and slightly larger file size.

Instagram has announced that the Lite app is being rolled out to Android users in 170 countries and will require 2MB of storage to download the app.

In comparison, Instagram’s regular app has a volume of 30 MB, but the previous Instagram Lite file was only 573 KB.

There are no plans to introduce an iOS version of this new Lite app.

The new Instagram Lite app also adds new features such as sending direct messages, recording videos, and posting.


The Rails tab is also being featured on the homepage, but the Shopping tab will not be part of the Lite app.

Instagram Lite Product Manager Nick Brown said the team has no plans to bring shopping to Instagram Lite, but Rails is definitely being made a part of it.

However, users in the Lite app will not be able to create their own short videos or use augmented reality fee filters.

There will be no ads in this app.

Numerous companies have introduced their light apps, which are based on older devices with less storage.

Facebook introduced its Lite app in 2015, a version of which was introduced in TikTok in 2019.

Download Instagram Lite App

Download Instagram lite app


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