QueenCee VPN V5 Lite APK Free Download 2022


Description: QueenCee VPN V5 Lite APK lite is a Psiphon App That Supports the Psiphon handler Menus.

The very interesting things in QueenCee VPN_V5 Lite APK are that are fast and Stable especially when have a slow internet connection due to the network.

How To Download Use QueenCee VPN V5 Lite APK?

Follow these Few steps:
Click Below Download Button and Download QueenCee VPN V5_Lite APK
Install it on your phone

1. Launch your app


QueenCee VPN V5 Lite APK

Screen Short
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Screen Short

Do some Settings

  • Proxy Type > Real Host / Dual Real Host
  • Proxy Server > redirect.glo.com
  • Real Proxy Type > inject/Http
  • Real Proxy Port > 80 or 8080
  • and save it .. choose ” United States (USA) or Netherland” as your region.
  • Save your all Setting and start Browsing.
  • Note: Use 60 MB – 90 MB per day, don’t use more than.
  • For Free Internet Setting Watch complete Video
QueenCee VPN V5 Lite APK Free Download

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