Tiny Scanner Android App Free Download | HD Scanner for Android


Tiny Scanner is an Amazing Android app. You can scan any document, picture and Save it a PDF File. Tiny Scanner Comes Free of Cost & is Available to anyone using an AOS (Android Operating System).

it’s the best scanner android application that does away with the need for a bulky, conventional and expensive scanner. With this great android app, an android user could transfer easily several documents on their mobile phone with just the click of a single button.

Scanner android apps like Tiny Scanner do much more than taking Pictures of Documents, Whether they are images/text.

one can use the pictures as an Image file or convert them into PDF files the right way. When a Document Converted into PDF File, it can be used as a contract or for printing out in the hard form.

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Since a PDF file is usually Preferred for Good Print Quality, this feature is quite useful for producing clear and good quality hard copies.

Tiny Scanner Android App Free Download
After Scanning the Document or Pictures, Tiny_Scanner also allows the android user to save these files & arrange them as they wish.
This way, even a handwriting Document could be preserved for later editing. This feature is awesome for writers, planners and editors that may prefer hand working.
All files can be stored in facilities such as email inboxes, Google Drive, DropBox, Lastly one can edit the files easily with respect to colour, page size, pager orientation, date and time, grayscale ETC.

Simple Click Below Download Button and Download This Amazing app and Install it on your android phone.

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Tiny Scanner Android App Free Download | HD Scanner for Android

Tiny Scanner Android App Free Download

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