Create Multiple Accounts On Whatsapp [New Update 2023]

The world’s largest instant messaging application, WhatsApp, recently introduced a feature that allows running a single account on multiple devices.

However, WhatsApp experts are currently working on the biggest feature to date and have presented it for testing.

Yes, according to the updates on the website ‘Web It Info,’ which keeps track of WhatsApp’s updates, the application will soon introduce such a feature that allows users to run multiple accounts through a single application.

Create Multiple Accounts On Whatsapp [New Update 2023]

In other words, WhatsApp’s application will introduce a feature similar to Facebook’s account switching or Twitter’s TweetDeck, which enables users to use more than one account on a single application and device.

Currently, it is possible to run the WhatsApp messaging app and WhatsApp Business on separate applications on the same device. 

But after the introduction of this new feature, multiple accounts from both the business and messaging app can be operated simultaneously.

It is not yet clear how many accounts a user can run on a single application under this feature, but potentially, the limit for such accounts can be up to five.

In other words, each user can operate up to five different messaging accounts and five different WhatsApp Business accounts on a single mobile device and a single WhatsApp application.

Currently, the multi-account feature has been made available to a limited number of Android users and is undergoing a testing phase.

It is premature to say when this mentioned feature will be introduced, but it may take up to six months, and it may be released by the end of the year.

The mentioned feature is being hailed as WhatsApp’s most prominent and significant feature to date, as it will make it easier for users to manage personal, household, business, and social transactions all in one place.

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