4 Best Ad Network Programs For Earn Money Online

Every webmaster wants to earn money by his blog/website and in this post, I will tell you four Best Ad network programs where you can earn money easily by his website/blog.
Read the complete Article Carefully. these all ad network programs are good for every blogger. I am using these all.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best way to make money online at home via Blogging by displaying Google advertisements on your Blog / Website. There are a lot of ad networks such as info links, VigLink, Chitika & many others.
Google AdSense is a Google product that allows us to shows contextual Advertisements on a blog/website. Google AdSense is one of the best monetization ad networks available for any site or blog. And many webmasters are making thousands of dollars from Google AdSense every day.
4 Best Ad Network Programs For Earn Money by His Blog or Website

What are the Benefits of Using Google AdSense?

One of the direct Good Benefits of Google AdSense is the fact that it is a legitimate Ad program by Google.
When we talk about earn money online from a blog/website, the easiest method of doing so to put Google AdSense ads on your blog and start writing content.
When users/visitors click on the Google AdSense ads posted on your blog, you will make money.


Avoid fake clicking or personal Clicks on Google Ads.
Google AdSense is a Good Contextual Ad network. This means that advertisements will be shown according to your content. For Example, you are writing Content to make money online, you are more likely to see advertisements related to making money online.
2nd way Google AdSense shows its ads is by using your browser cookies
If you’re Website/blog is not according to Google AdSense Policies your Application will reject
In Short, Google AdSense makes sure that Visitors will see target advertisements, and thus you’ll get more clicks on and higher payouts than you’ll with any other ad network

Chitika Ad Network

Chitika  Guide: Contextual Add Network for Blog

When we talk about Earn Money from His Blog/ Website-there are Numbers of Options. One of the easiest ways is by placing some lines of JAVA Script (Add Codes) From an Ad Network like Chitika or AdSense & it will show Related Advertisements automatically.
This is the Good Choice For a Lazy Blogger who Wants to Make Money From Their Blog, The Reason I Used Word “Lazy” here is That Other Webmasters are using Methods like Affiliate Marketing Which Pays Hug & Gives Good Result.
Ad Network Company like Chitika Works Better When Blog Get Traffic from Search Engine and Affiliate Model does not fit your Blog.
Here I will give you an Overview of Chitika AdSense (add Network Company) which is a Much popular alternative Network & have a minimum payout limit.
If your blog has less traffic then Chitika is best for your Blog Because Chitika is the one of the ad Network which will Show Quality Relevant Advertisements on your Blog. And if you’re Blog has High-Quality Traffic you Can Earn Good Income from Chitika.
4 Best Ad Network Programs For Earn Money by His Blog or Website

Chitika AdSense: who should join?

I’ll save some of the Most  FAQ for the end of this post & let me explain how Chitika Add Network Works & is it Legit or not. The best thing is You Can Use Chitika AD Network on your Blog with Google AdSense.
Chitika Add Network is a Contextual AD Network Company which means it shows Advertisements Relevant to the Content of your Blog. This Helps to Get More Clicks on Ads and Hence More Money for you.
Chitika offers Various Ads Types including Mobile Ads Which are a Major Requisite on Today’s Date. You Can Select Ads Type from Chitika Ads Settings

Join Chitika Add Network Click on Below Banner

BuySellAds Review |Advertisement Program for Bloggers

When it comes to earning money from Advertisements, direct Ads play an important role. Direct Ads Pays More Than Google AdSense or other Advertisements programs.
The Tough Job is To Finding Good Advertisers. Here I am going to add a Buysellads. Which is a Good Advertisement Buy and Sell Marketplace.
I am using Buysellads for the last 5 months, & it’s always been one of the Good and Highest Paying Ad Network For me.
4 Best Ad Network Programs For Earn Money by His Blog or Website

BuySellADs is a Good Advertisement Marketplace where publishers can list their Websites & advertisers can come & Check the stats and directly your Ad spots.

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once, The Ad is Sold you have, you have the option to accept/reject the advertisements. my suggestion is to accept advertisements that are relevant to your Blog Category and most important should not be spam my (like Free Smiley Downloads) & similar Stuff.

The Moment, you Accept the Advertisements. It will start showing on your blog/site and Earning will be Credit into your Buysell Account.

This is a Good Concept & Useful Site for Bloggers & Marketers to find the Marketplace for Buying Ads.
Direct Advertisement can be obtained by sending personal add E-Mail / by using third-party ad program to sell ad. Such a Third-Party Ad Program generates buy-sell ads.
Unlike other Advertisement Networks, Getting an Approved BuysellAds Account is not easy. You Need Good Website / Blog Design, Good Quality Website, and Niche, if you miss out on any of these things you submit an application will be rejected.

Is BuySEllAds Network is Free?

Buysellads network works as a middleman to process this auto ad buying & selling & for this, they twenty-five percent the transaction.
This is fair as many other advertisement networks charge 30%-40%. You do not have to pay anything to use their service but when an advertiser buys an advertisement from your blog/website.
buysellads will take 25% as a commission if you are setting up your Advertisement price as 100$/30 days. You will be getting 75$ into your buy-sell account.
So, you can set the price accordingly. My suggestion is, start with the minimum limit & once 1 advertisement slot is sold. Increase the rate by 10 percent.

Info links ad network

one of the best Ad Network companies. Info links launched in 2011 & the headquarters is found in Palo Alto, California.
An important thing about this network is that there is no Advertisement Space Required to Your Blog/site Because Whenever a visitor comes to Blog popups windows automatically appears & when users click you get paid.
4 Best Ad Network Programs For Earn Money by His Blog or Website

How much time will be required to get fully approved?

When you apply for this ad network they review your blog/site at least for 2-3 days so most probably you’ll receive E-Mail from Info links within four working days. You will receive an E-Mail within Four Days.

How Much I Can Earn?

Good Question! It is hard to say how much you can earn from info links. If you have Good Traffic on your blog you can earn more money from your blog…

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