5 Best Ways To Earn Money online

5 Best Ways To Earn Money online

Everyone want to Earn money online by his mobile and computer/laptop internet. thousands of fake companies provides many type online work. if you have any skill, that’s good you can earn easily. in this post you will know 5 best ways to earn money online in home. easy and perfect methods.


PTC paid To click

PTC stand for Paid to click.in this field company give money for visit some websites. some companies provides free account and some charge fee.
But 70% are fake. according to my experience LTE PTC is 100% Real PTC site. we are working on this website since 2013. LTE PTC give Payment on time, No fake. just you need to join this company and make referrals and visit website..
Company give you 75% commission of every referral. LTE PTC work world wide. you Can Earn easily 10$-20$ per day easily. Read More how To join and how To work?
Payment Method: Easy paisa Mobile Account, Bank Transfer , Perfect Money

Network Marketing / Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing is also great online and offline business you can do work online and offline also. In this field you Need to create a team.once you have created a fast time. no need you to do work personally. you can earn money easily by his team.
LTE MLM – Multi Level Marketing is great example of this field. really awesome work and awesome company for this . You can earn easily 30$-50$ per day easily from LTE MLM. Read Complete About LTE MLM


Blogging is Great way to earn Money online. you can earn unlimited money from blogging. in this work you need to learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SMO – Social Media Optimization, Article Writing Skills and basic Computer Language like Html, css etc.
For this you need a website / blog. if you are website designer or developer you can create easily. if you are not, you can hire a person for this. (Contact Us For Good Website or Blog ).
Just publish articles, videos , audios, software, i mean which you want , which is easy for you. Get visitors on your website and earn money  from Google Ad sense and other add network  companies. you also promote your own products on his website if you have.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is also Great way to earn money online. you can earn money by marketing. sale other companies product and get commission of every sell. Amazon, click Bank and many other companies provides affiliate program you can join. you need PayPal Account, Bank account for payout.  Read Complete About Affiliate Marketing

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Free lancing

In this field you need skills. if you have skills you can earn money by complete working tasks. you need learn  Computer programming languages ( HTML, Css, PHP , SQL, Database, java script) , Graphics designing (Logo Design, Card Design,Website PSD Design) i mean you can earn by his skills if you have any skill. programming languages and graphics are very professional skills so i suggest you.
Fiverr, Freelance, O desk, Up work are Great plate form For Free lancers. just these platforms and create your profile for work. 
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Account

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