How To Earn $1000 Per Month | All Answers Of Your Questions About Pay Wao


What is give detail about it that how its work and what is this?

Pay Wao is the Product of CashMaal, where  you can earn easily by Visiting the website,  watch YouTube videos, and by referrals
If you have joined then please upgrade it. And if you have not joined then simply go to the register page.

Fill your form and give referral id 330 and join this company.

Pay Wao Complete Details In Urdu / Hindi 

Why Pay Wao account Upgrade is important?

Otherwise, you cannot earn money, you cannot get a commission of any referrals, and you cannot get paid ads.

Why do I pay 2$? And it is important to pay?

2$ is company registration Fee it’s important to pay to start your work , otherwise you cannot start your work, this is one time fee for a lifetime

What is referrals and why referrals is important?

When you join company and company give a referral link. if you friend join this company using your referral link or referral id then your friend is your referral,
Because Pay Wao is automatic matrix system so Referrals are very important, if you have not any referrals (Direct, indirect or spillover) you cannot earn money from pay Wao.

What is direct referrals? How much we get from direct referrals?

One user can create 5 direct referrals. If you friend join this company using your referral link or referral id then your friend is your Direct referral. You get 50% commission of Direct Referral

What is indirect referrals?

If you anyone join by using Referral link or referral id of your direct referrals is call your indirect referrals, you get 20% commission of your indirect referrals,

What is Pay Wao Automatic Generated System?

Automatic Generated System help you Increase your Team, or more income. And also help to other people as Spillover. For more please Visit how to work page.

What is Pay Wao spillover?

Which Referrals you Get from your up liner or Admin is Called Spillover.

Best trick for earn More Money?

Share your referral link on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus , Groups, Communities, Create your Work Videos and Share It on YouTube with your Referral link.

How much I earn per day?

It’s Depends on you How Much you have Spillovers? How much you have Referrals. If you have more referrals or spillover you can earn big money.

How much daily ads company will give me?

Company Give you 50 Daily Ads. Cost is 0.001$ per Ad.

Is referrals is important to get daily ads?

No for daily Ads Referral not important. For Paid ads Referral must important

How can I earn 2$ daily? And how i can get more paid ads?

Make more Referrals get More Paid ads. Or wait for spillover.

Is there any withdraw money charges?

No Sir Company will pay your All Withdraw Charges.

How much time does it take to upgrade the account?

Instant  System.

What is claim balance?

Claim Balance is Place where you watch videos, websites etc, earn Money.
Simple Go to Claim balance. If you have time you can Select Manual and if you have not time for working you can select instant, company will detect 10% from your earning and will do your work instant.

How to Upgrade My Account?

Login to your unpaid account and   Click on Upgrade Link, Select your Payment method, send Payment of given number and Submit your Transaction ID.

What is  Pay Wao ads point?

When you upgrade your account you receive 2000 points it will help you to promote your business (YouTube Channel, Videos, Website, Banners)

How To Join Pay Wao?

Simple Go-Pay wao official Website and > Register.


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Fill the Registration Form and use Referral ID 330

How Earn Money Online From Pay Wao Watch This Link

 Join Now Pay Wao

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  1. after how much time withdrawal amount comes to your account, i have withdraw 2 dollars from past 10 hours but still now money not comes in my account

  2. bhai ye bakwas hai earning itni slow key aap ki maut aajaey or kama hi na pao behter hai join kerlo ap log

    NIS GLOBE .COM pay withdraw bhi easy paisa or bank trnasfer se hojata hai mujhey bhale refer na kero ok or ye video dekhlo kerna kiya hai sirf join kero registration kero ap log or advertise kero just account open hotey hi 0.35 $ apkey accoutn mein aajaey hain or 5$ withdra hai issey behtrreeen or fast earning mene nahin dekhi video zarur dekho


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