How To Earn $500 Per Month From Topa Pk (

Topa Pk is the Largest Online Marketplace where you can thousands of dollars easily. Topa Pk Have 3 Main Earning Plans.

1. Earn Money by Affiliate Program

Topa Pk Store offers a 5% commission on every sale with your referral link. Mean if anybody buys any product form Topa Pk Store with your referral link company gives you 5% on product full price.
Example: Topa Pk Want To sell a Mobile phone which Price is $100 and you Sold it with your referral company give you $5. it an amazing profit margin for affiliate marketers.

How To Get Product Referral Link

Simply Create Your Account on Topa Pk Store. Then Go Shopping Open any Product Details You will Your Referral Link Below. See This Screenshot
Promotion Link is Your Product Referral link
How To Earn $500 Per Month From Topa Pk (
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2. Share & Earn – Topa Pk Earning Plan

Share & Earn is the part of  “Auto Referrals – Single-Leg System Plan 2”. Only Plan2 Users can Earn Money From Share & Earn plan. this is daily based work. You will complete some tasks daily and earn money. Tasks are related to Sharing / Promoting.  you will share provided links, images, some texts and video on a different platform that are required from advertisers. In this plan, you can minimum $1 per day. this is lifetime work no expiry.

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Watch Video How To Earn Money From Share & Earn Plan


3. Earn By Referrals (Globel Marketing Auto Referral System)

Topa Pk Have 2 plans In Globel Marketing Auto Referral System

(A) Plan 1 (Globel Marketing Auto Referral System)

In this plan Topa pk help to users to make first 50 referrals (Explain: if  are not able to make more referral don’t worry just invest and upgrade your account, Topa Pk Gives your 50 Referrals.)
Total Investment: $2
Direct Referral Commission: $1
Auto Referral Commission: $0.40
For Example, You Make $50 Direct Referral Company Give Your $50 it Good Amount or If you don’t Make any referral Then company Give $20 For 50 Auto Referrals.

(B) Plan 2 (Globel Marketing Auto Referral System)

Plan 2 Is Big and Long Term Plan Never Stop because this Plan has lots of benefits Like Free ID in Plan 1, 5 Auto Referrals ($8 Per Referral), Unlimited Direct Referrals ($4 Per Referral) and Auto-Generated Plan.
For Example, If You Create ID on plan 2 Company Gives you 5 referrals auto, and will generate 1 ID in Plan 2 With Free ID in plan 1. Your Profit in Round 1 is $10 and Next Every Round you Will Earn $25 and It’s None- Stop Rounds
How To Earn $500 Per Month From Topa Pk (

Watch Complete Video About Topa Pk In Urdu / Hindi

How To Earn $500 Per Month From Topa Pk (

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