Find Jobs by Tiktok, Submit CV and Get Job [TikTok New Feature]

Find Jobs by Tiktok: TikTok would make you want to make or watch funny videos but imagine you are sending a job application through this app then?

It’s hard to believe, but TikTok is introducing a pilot program that will help consumers find jobs and connect with companies.

According to a report, TikTok is testing a tool that will allow companies to use the video app as a platform to recruit people.

Consumers will be able to send video CVs to companies for testing.

The tool is being tested in a beta group of companies and the platform will not be inside TikTok but people will be able to access the app from this platform through a separate site.

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The webpage will be used by companies to advertise jobs and users will be able to upload video CVs.

TikTok will also ask job seekers to promote the service by posting their videos on the Cv’s main app.

TikTok has not yet commented on the report.

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