How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts? [$1000 Per Month]

Make Money With YouTube Shorts: YouTube, the world’s largest streaming website, has confirmed that like other countries in the world, Pakistanis will be able to earn money through YouTube shorts from February 2023.

YouTube Shorts is the new version of the streaming website, where content creators share short videos similar to Tik Tok.

YouTube shorts have seen a rise in popularity over the last year and now YouTube has also launched a monetization feature.

How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts
How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts?

According to YouTube’s comprehensive policy, content creators who monetize YouTube shorts must agree to the website’s rules, and content creators under the age of 18 will also have to include their parents in the terms of consent.

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This means that content creators under the age of 18 must get their parent’s consent and add their account details to monetize YouTube shorts.

According to YouTube, content creators will be paid to run ads through short videos.

That is, YouTube shorts will run ads and 45 percent of the ad revenue will go to the content creators.

According to the website, a content creator will be paid up to 900 USD per 1 million views of YouTube shorts, however, this amount can be lower or higher.

While YouTube has announced to start earning content creators on pure shorts videos, they have also introduced new policies for those who make longer videos.

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Most of YouTube’s monetization policies are outdated, but for YouTube shorts, the website has clarified that videos that have already been uploaded to YouTube will not be monetized, even if the video itself is not monetized. cannot be made by editing a movie or song clip.

Make Money With YouTube Shorts ($1000 Per Month)

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