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Some Features of Bulk Email Sender APK.

  • You Can Send Unlimited Emails in One Click (For Test i sent 1 lac+ emails in once click)
  • It is also fake email sender you can send by using any other person name and email. for example if you want to send any email from my email address and By my name you will add my name and email like . Name <[email protected]>.
  • You Can Send any Website Address
  • Email Will Received in Inbox (Primary) Not in Spam or other Folder.

Some Benefits of Bulk Email Sender

  • Increase Your You Tube Videos Views Just Type Video URL in Email Message send to  Millions Emails in one Click.
  • Increase Website Traffic and Sale your Products By Email Marketing.
  • Best For CPA (Earn Money Online By Sending Emails)

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How To Use Bulk Email Sender.

  • Simple Go Bulk Email Sender or Download Android App By Click Below Download Button and Create an Account By Signup Form.
  • After Signup Go Login Page and Login To your Account by Using Correct User name and Password.
  • In “To” Field Type Emails With Commas ( Example: email 1 commas space email 2 comma space). don’t forget to give space after comma.
  • In “Name & Email” Field Type Your Name or Sender Name  and Sender Email With less then or greater then sign (Example: Name <[email protected]>).
  • In “Subject” Field Type Your Subject of Email.
  • In “Content” Field Type Your Email (Message).
  • For  More Help Watch Complete Video…

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 Bulk Email Sender APK

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