What is Affiliate Marketing? How Does Work Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Affiliate Marketing? How I Can Start Affiliate Marketing?

In this post, will share with you the basics of Affiliate Marketing & all the details which you must need to know in order to understand what Affiliate Marketing is and how affiliate marketing works.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the oldest form of marketing where you refer anyone to any online products/service & when that person buys the product or service by your reference, you receive a commission.
This Commission depends on your work, what service or product you are promoting.
i hear most Common question is related to how Affiliate marketing Companies track the record of who is sending buyers, traffic and making the sales?
The answer is very Simple any affiliate marketing company track with tracking URL (Referral Link) Mean a Unique Link Given to his member by the Affiliate marketing Company.
This Given link is used to keep track of all the sales and traffic that you are making via your site or other promotional Techniques.
Many Old Affiliate Marketing programs allow a buyer to add the E-mail/referral detail in an effort to account for affiliate sales, but now these days no the best way to track progress.
What is Affiliate Marketing? How Does Work Affiliate Marketing Program
Many Online Companies Who sell their products such as Shoes, Boots, Clothes, Web hosting, and other products/services usually offer a Good Affiliate Program.
You can start an affiliate program by simply sign Up for the affiliate program and get your Referral Link (Unique Tracking ID / Link).
Now! Whenever you are writing or telling about their product, you can simply use this Referral link (Special Tracking Link) to recommend the Affiliate Company’s Websites. If anyone buys anything via your referral link you will get a commission.
Every Affiliate Program Company has set TOS. For EXP: many affiliate program companies offer a sixty Days (60) Cookies Period, which means that if your Referral (a person which uses your Referral Link to buying anything) land on the Company Sales pages and purchase something within the next 2 months (60 Days) you will be able for Sales Commission.

Some of the Common Terms associated With the Affiliate Marketing program


Publishers like You & Me who are Using Affiliate Marketing Programs unique Links (Referral Links) to Promote and Makes Traffic or sales.

Affiliate Market Place 

There Many Affiliate Marketplace’s Like LTE-Life Time Earn, RandSpill, Click Bank ETC. These all Works as Central Database for Affiliate Marketing Programs in Different Niches.

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Affiliate Marketing Software’s 

Affiliate Software’s Used By Companies to Create an affiliate marketing program for their Service or Products like IDevaffiliate

Affiliate Link 

Referral link (Special Tracking URL) offered by your Affiliate Program to Track the promotions.

Affiliate ID

Similar to Affiliate URL (Referral Link), but many Affiliate Programs Companies offer a Unique Referral ID (Unique ID ) which you can add to any page of the Product Website. An example is LTE-Life Time Earn Give both Unique Link and Unique ID.

Payment Methods

Different Affiliate Program Companies offer Different Payment methods.

Examples: Bank Account, Check, PayPal, western union, and Payza ETC.

Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

You should have a Basic Understanding at this point that what is Affiliate Marketing program and how Affiliate Program works. You can always ask me By Comments, Comments Section Available below.

Is Affiliate Marketing Program is illegal?

No, Affiliate Marketing Program is not illegal

Can we Use both Affiliate Marketing Program and Google AdSense?

Yes, you can use Both Google AdSense and Affiliate Program at the same time, because the affiliate program does not violate any Google AdSense TOS.

What Qualification Need to start Affiliate Marketing Program?

No Qualification Required For Affiliate Program you Need Good Marketing Skills.

Is it important to have any Blog or Website for Products / Service Promotion?

It is not necessary, a website/blog is really the best way to promote any service or product.

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