Actress Ashni Shah Said That Don’t give so much importance to ‘boyfriend’ that your importance is diminished

Actress Ashni Shah Said That Don’t give so much importance to ‘boyfriend‘ that your importance is diminished.

Actress Ashni Shah has advised women and especially young girls that if they give less importance to romantic feelings, not only will their lives get better but they will also move faster.

Talking to Meera Sethi, Ashni Shah not only spoke openly about her personal life, romance issues, and issues of criticism on social media, but she also spoke openly about showbiz.

Ashni Shah’s interview was based on two parts, the first part of which was aired on February 10 and the second part on February 13.

Referring to the interview given to Meira Sethi, Ashni Shah said in her Instagram post that the said interview was recorded in October 2020, which is now being aired a few months later, which made some things seem unimportant.

In a lengthy interview, Ashni Shah said that she spent her childhood in Canada, but started her career in the Pakistani showbiz industry seven years ago.

The actress revealed that her mother was ‘Syed’, which is why she put ‘Shah’ at the end of her name and many people have been threatening her to remove the word ‘Shah’ from her name.

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According to the actress, her parents were divorced and she moved to Canada with her father.


Responding to a question, Ashna Shah said that she was not talking about the ‘Me Too’ campaign for harassing women because a lot of people were talking about the issue.

According to the actress, she is determined to talk openly about other social issues and she keeps talking about them.

He argued that there were some disadvantages to talking about the ‘Me Too’ campaign because there was no evidence to substantiate the allegation if someone accused someone of sexually harassing women while talking about the campaign. , Which can also damage the accuser’s reputation.

Ashna Shah said that she is sure that all the women of the country have faced some kind of harassment at least once in their life, so most of the people who are talking about the Me Too’ campaign are women. ۔

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In response to a question, she admitted that she is a ‘feminist’ and at the same time said that now many men also call themselves ‘feminists’.

Referring to Showbiz, Ashni Shah said that women get limited roles in the Pakistani drama industry and now they have played almost every role.

He said that now is the time for Pakistani actors to focus on ‘natural’ acting and play the roles like real life.

In response to a question, Ashni Shah said that showbiz relations between Pakistan and India should not have ended but it all happened due to India’s extremism and he hoped that one day India would realize its extremism and he In occupied Kashmir, the demand will also stop.


Asked about her spouse, Ashni Shah said that she would like to have a partner who is loyal, sincere, honest, and truthful.

In response to another question, the actress admitted that she was heartbroken several times in the past and it was from such incidents that she learned a lesson and came to understand a better person.

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She said that 4 years ago she was very depressed because of the bad behavior of a man and when she started crying during the shooting, the director told her, ‘Don’t put so much on anyone’s head in life. That he will ruin your life.

Ashna Shah also recalled her heartbreaking incidents and advised young girls to stay away from romance.

Ashni Shah advised the young girls not to give so much importance to any member of the family including ‘boyfriend’ or any friend and not to put so much on their head that it would ruin their life.

Addressing the young girls, she said that if they stay away from romantic feelings, their lives will go smoothly and they will move forward quickly.



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