Actress Paris Hilton Was Saddened By The Incident of Sexual Abuse

Actress Paris Hilton Was Saddened By The Incident of Sexual Abuse: Actress and reality star Paris Hilton, 39, was shocked when she told a committee of lawmakers that she had been sexually abused as a child at a boarding school.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Paris Hilton appeared before a bill-making committee on child sexual abuse in the state of Atta in Atta.

Paris Hilton told the committee that she had been sexually abused at the age of 17 at the Provo Canyon boarding school in Atta and called on lawmakers to enact strict laws to protect children.

Paris Hilton testified before the committee that she had been mentally and physically abused at the age of 17.

The actress told the committee that she had not been able to sleep peacefully for many years due to the worst sexual abuse at school and that she would suddenly wake up at night.

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Paris Hilton also calls for closure of schools that exploit children Photo: AP
He demanded of the committee that strict laws be framed against the treatment of minors or their exploitation under the pretext of education.

Even before appearing on the committee, Paris Hilton had launched a campaign to close the Provo Canyon in Atta.

Paris Hilton staged an out-of-school protest against the school’s closure in October last year, which was attended by dozens of celebrities.

All the celebrities who took part in the demonstration had been studying or undergoing treatment at the school as a child and had also been sexually abused.

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Provo Canyon School not only provides educational facilities but also provides treatment for children with various mental and physical problems.

Paris Hilton was sent to the school for a year for mental treatment by her parents because of her aggressive behavior.

Paris Hilton initially mentioned the incident of sexual abuse at the school in a documentary released in September 2020.

In the documentary “This is Paris Hilton”, the actress said that she was subjected to the worst forms of mental and physical abuse while training at Provo Canyon School.

Paris Hilton said in the documentary that she was subjected to the worst forms of physical abuse by the school administration, was given unknown drugs under the pretext of mental problems, was seen bathing naked, and was imprisoned naked as punishment.

Following the release of the documentary, Paris Hilton launched an online petition to close the school, and in October the actress demonstrated outside the school.

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The actress has been pushing for the closure of the school since September 2020 and the enactment of strict laws to prevent the exploitation of children in such schools.

On the other hand, the management of Provo Canyon School has apologized to the actress and other victims and explained that now the management of the school has changed and such incidents do not happen in the school.

According to the administration, the school was the second in Paris Hilton’s administration and such incidents predate 2000, but 20 years ago the school was taken over by the new administration.

But Paris Hilton is adamant that the school is closed and that other similar schools be investigated for child abuse.

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