Actress Sana Khan, Who said goodbye to showbiz for religion, Got Married

Indian actress Sana Khan, popularly referred to as Bigg Boss Season 6, announced in October that she was leaving the showbiz for the sake of faith.

She is now married to a spiritual scholar from the Indian state of Gujarat. A video of the marriage has gone viral online showing the marriage rituals of Mufti Anas and Sana Khan.

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In the video, both the bride and groom are wearing white wedding dresses. The video also shows the newlyweds sitting with other relations cutting a cake on which is written, Nikah Mubarak.

It may be recalled that in October, Sana Khan announced on her social media accounts about saying goodbye to showbiz.

Actress Sana Khan released a press release in English, Urdu and Roman during a post on Instagram and Twitter about leaving the showbiz.

At an equivalent time, the actress described this announcement within the caption of the post because of the happiest moment of her life and prayed to Allah Almighty to assist and guide her during this journey.

In her post, Sana Khan also asked people to recollect her in prayers. In a statement issued during this regard, he wrote that brothers and sisters! Today I lecture you about a turning point in my life, I even have been living within the showbiz (film industry) life for years and through this point, I even have received all types of fame, honour and wealth from my fans. Fortunately that I’m grateful to them.


The actress wrote that except for a couple of days now I even have been overwhelmed by the sensation that the aim of coming into the planet of man is merely to realize wealth and fame?

In her post, the Indian actress wrote in a questioning manner, “Doesn’t an individual have a requirement to spend his life within the service of these who are helpless and helpless?”

He further wrote that shouldn’t man think that he could die at any moment? And what is going to happen to him after he dies?

The post further said that I even have been checking out the solution to those 2 questions for an extended time, especially the second question, what is going to happen to me after death?

“When I searched for the solution to the present question in my religion, I noticed that this life within the world is really about improving life after death,” he wrote.

Sana Khan wrote that she (life) is going to be better as long as the servant lives consistent with the order of his Creator, not only making wealth and fame his goal but also serving humanity by avoiding the life of sin and his creation. Follow the instructions.


Actress Sana Khan wrote that she (life) is going to be better as long as the servant lives consistent with the order of his Creator, not only to form wealth and fame his goal but also to serve humanity by avoiding the life of sin and to make his own. Follow the instructions.

He prayed that Allah Almighty would accept my prayers and grant me the strength to measure in accordance with my determination for the longer term, ie in accordance with the order of my Creator and within the service of humanity, and grant me perseverance in it.

The Indian actress requested that she should never be invited for any showbiz job in future. Sana Khan has also removed her shoot diaries and photos and videos from her social media account.

He also starred in the reality television program ‘Risk Players’, Comedy Nights Rescue, Entertainment Night, Jhalak Dakhla Ja 7 and Kitchen Champion.


Apart from this, Sana Khan has also acted in Tamil and Telugu films. In 2007, she also did the item song ‘Blue Queen’ within the Bollywood film Dhan Dhana Dhan Gol.

Actress Zaira Wasim, who became famous in Bollywood with Aamir Khan’s superhit film ‘Dingal’ last year, had decided to mention goodbye to the movie industry.

In an Instagram post, Zaira Wasim announced that her career choice was influencing her religious beliefs.

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