Another Photo Has Viral of Shah Rukh khan’s daughter Suhana khan


Another Photo Has Viral by Shah Rukh khan’s daughter: Bollywood star Kids also has the name of Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan who did not make his debut in Bollywood but still, his popularity is not less.

Sahana is very active on Instagram and shares things related to her life with her fans.

Suhana khan from New York shared highlights of her student life with fans. Suhana shared an icy night scene from her apartment with her friends.

Another Photo Has Viraled of Shah Rukh khan's daughter Suhana khan

In the lockdown, Suhana Khan was forced to return from the US and spend time in a begging house in Mumbai, but now Suhana is back to her student life.

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In the cold weather of New York, Sahana Khan left her heels and put on her boots and was seen posing next to her friend.


Sharing the photo, Suhana captioned the Instagram story, “Maybe heels should have been pinned.” Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is often talked about for her pictures posted on social media.

Recently, Sahana made headlines when she shared photos with a special friend on social media.

In fact, Suhana celebrated Galentine’s Day with a special friend whose pictures are going viral on social media.

Look extremely glamorous with However, Suhana Khan has not made her name clear by tagging her friend in the story.

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Her fans are liking these pictures of Sahana very much. At the same time, some people are reacting by commenting on these pictures of Suhana

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