Bapi Lahri and Mahesh Bhatt had offered the job, Nadia Khan


Bapi Lahri and Mahesh Bhatt had offered the job, Nadia Khan: Senior actress Nadia Khan has revealed that in the past she was offered work in films by Indian filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt and Bapi Lahri but they refused.

Speaking on the YouTube show, To Be Honest (TBH), Nadia Khan said that although Mahesh Bhatt had also offered her a job in films, the most ridiculous thing was when she was offered a job by Bappi Lahri. ۔

Nadia Khan copied Bipi Lahri’s speaking style in the show and said that when she was in Dubai, she had invited Bipi Lahri to her show.

The actress said that after the show ended, Bapi Lahri came to her and complimented her and told her that she was going to make a film, would she work in his film?

The actress revealed that Bapi Lahiri used to say the same thing to other girls and women, so she banned the Indian filmmaker.

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For the first time in the program, Nadia Khan also spoke openly about her children and parents and said that her childhood was spent in Rawalpindi, Punjab, where she also got her primary education and she was not good in studies.

Nadia Khan said her father was a colonel in the Pakistan Army while she had three children, the eldest daughter Aliza, who is 17 years old.


According to the actress, her son Azan is in the second position.

Nadia Khan said she kept her children away from the media because she wanted their children to complete their education first.

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According to the actress, she wants her daughter to become a lawyer while her son wants to become an information technology (IT) expert, however, she has not yet made a decision regarding her third child.

In response to a question, Nadia Khan said that she wanted to buy a plot in Karachi, to which the host asked her to join the army.

On the advice of the host, Nadia Khan said that her father was in the army and she also had a plot in Karachi, which her father had sold in 1970 for Rs 47,000.

According to the actress, now only plots in Karachi are getting Rs 7 to 8 crore and she wants to have a plot in the capital of Sindh.

Speaking on the program, Nadia Khan vaguely said without naming any actor or actress that nowadays one does not have to be an actor to act in dramas.

He said that nowadays such personalities are cast who have a buzz on social media and have bought their followers with money.


In response to another question, Nadia Khan said that she thinks that fellow actresses will do her harm because it is in the nature of women.

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In the show, the actress revealed that she loves to dance and she wants to dance in an award show or other TV show.

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