Big Statement Of Actress Sara Ali Khan After Her Marriage

Big Statement Of Actress Sara Ali Khan After Her Marriage: Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan says that she will stay with her mother Amrita Singh after marriage.

Sarah Ali Khan, daughter of younger Nawab Saif Ali Khan and former famous actress Amrita Singh, shared various photos on her photo-sharing app Instagram to congratulate her mother on her 63rd birthday.

Sara Ali Khan shared various photos on Instagram in which she is seen in a happy mood with her mother Amrita Singh and brother Ibrahim while in the message addressed to the mother with the photos, the actress said, “Happy birthday to my world, my Thank you for being a mirror and a power.

”Earlier in an interview, actress Sara Ali Khan had said that she will always be with her mother Amrita Singh.

Even after her marriage, she will not leave her mother but when I say this my mother gets angry but can’t she stay with me after marriage.

Sara Ali Khan said It feels good to be around and hang out and even if they are away from me for a few days I miss them a lot, I don’t hide anything from them but still, there are only those in life whom I am afraid of.

It is to be noted that Sara Ali Khan is currently busy shooting for director Anand Rai’s film ‘Atrangi Ray’ in which she will play the lead role with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

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