Bigg Boss Show: Terrible Clash Between Salman Khan and Rakhi Sawant


Bigg Boss Show: Terrible Clash Between Salman Khan and Rakhi Sawant: In Bigg Boss Show Season 14, Salman Khan scolded Rakhi Sawant and asked her to leave. The reality shows Big Boss has a special reputation for its controversial content.

And the enthusiastic and quarrelsome Salman Khan is the host of this show.

During the show, Rakhi Sawant made some strange gestures on which Rubina, another contestant in the show, blamed the management for Rakhi’s gestures and said that the show’s creators are doing all this for Rakhi Sawant for the content.

Just hearing this, Salman Khan could not control his anger and get angry. Salman Khan shouted angrily and said that your feelings are emotions and our emotions are content.

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Am I doing all this for the sake of content?

We are showing the same actions that you are doing in the content but you will make fun of it, you should be ashamed.

Not only that but Salman Khan also rebuked actress Rakhi Sawant for crossing all boundaries and said that if If you can’t control yourself then the show doesn’t need you, Indian Actor Salman Khan Opened the door of Big Boss’s house & told Rakhi Sawant that you can leave if you want.

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