Bob Dylan sold all his songs

Bob Dylan, a 79-year-old Nobel Prize-winning songwriter and composer, has sold all 600 of his songs to the Hollywood Music Production House.

Bob Dylan is the only songwriter and musician in the world to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016 for his urban songs.

The Nobel Committee was also criticized for awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan, as millions of people believe that writing songs or composing songs is not part of literature.

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However, the Nobel Committee awarded Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize for his brilliant songs, having won several music awards before.

Prior to winning the Nobel Prize, Bob Dylan had won numerous awards, including Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes and Presidential Freedom Medals.

Dylan’s songwriting career spans more than half a century, making him one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

Bob became famous as a songwriter before 1960 when his songs were sung at human rights rallies and gatherings.

Bob Dylan’s songs have been sung in dozens of Hollywood movies, TV series, web series, games and other entertainment programs, including reality shows.

nearly 600 songs have been sung by dozens of artists around the world in about 6,000 different styles, and many of his songs have been named the best songs of all time.

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He also has the status of an institution in Western music and great singers and musicians want to work with him.

The songs were sold millions of times before Bob Dylan sold all his songs at once, but now he has given the ownership of all the songs to the music production company.

Universal Music, a Hollywood music and film production company, confirmed on December 7 that it had bought Bob Dylan’s songs, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Although the music company did not provide any details about the ownership of Bob Dylan’s songs, it was confirmed that it now owns only 600 songs by the songwriter and musician.

The amount of the deal between Bob Dylan and Universal Music was not disclosed, but business analysts in the music and film industry estimate that the deal would be between  300 million and 500 million.

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American economic journals and newspapers also quoted analysts as saying that the deal between Bob Dylan and Universal Music would have been in the amount of 9 figures, which means that the amount of the agreement is less than one billion dollars but the agreement is very much. It will be fixed in a huge amount.

If the deal between Bob Dylan and Universal Music is worth 30 300 million, the amount is about 50 billion Pakistani rupees, and if the deal is worth 50 500 million, it will be about 80 billion rupees. ۔

Under the agreement, Universal Music Company now has the right to perform the songwriter’s songs in its festivals, including movies, dramas, web series, games and reality shows.

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