Crown Braid Hair Style | Complete Guide How To Make It?


Crown Braid Hair Style: When it comes to festivals, weddings, or going to a party, special attention is paid to making clothes as well as hairstyles.

When it comes to hairstyle accessories, the use of crowns has been very popular among women in the past to enhance the beauty and royal style of hair.

By wearing a crown on her head, where the beauty of her hair was enhanced, women adopted this style and felt like a queen.

Although wearing a crown is now considered “old fashioned”, with some hairstyles you can still give the impression of a queen. Let’s find out in this article what are those hairstyles and how they can be made.

How to make Crown Braid?

This Braid usually consists of one or two tops, these ordinary tops are crowned like a frame on the head. To make Crown Braid, you need to decide whether you want to make Fishtail Crown Braid or Dutch Braid. But first, you have to know about these styles and how to make them.

  • First of all, comb the hair well.
  • Straight or horizontal, whatever the demand, divide the hair on your face in the same direction.
  • To make a crown Braid, you have to make separate braids on both sides. If you do not like two tops, you can make a crown with one.
  • This Braid is usually made on the head from the front, but if you want to make a crown Braid from the back, separate the tubes in two. Then start tying the braid by putting a bill from the back in the separated hair. Make sure the top is neither too loose nor too tight.
  • If you want, you can leave some hair open to beautify the hairstyle.
  • Taking one side, make a hair braid to the end, and tie a rubber band of hair color on the end. If you are braiding your hair without parting it, make it up to the last part of the hair.
  • After making the peak, it is the turn to wrap these peaks in the form of a crown on the head. Loosen the top of the braid with the help of your fingers and place it like a crown on the head.
  • The position of the crown is up to you, but make sure it is not too far behind or forward in the hair.
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Let’s take a look at the different and unique styles of Crown Braid.


Fishtail Country Made Braid

Fishtail Milkmaid Braid always starts from the back of the hair. After making the hair braid, the given ball is loosened by the hands-on on both sides, which gives this Braid a different and unique country-made look from the normal braid. Will be perfect for both Eastern and Western styles of clothing.

Scarf Crown Braid

The use of scarves to make crown Braid is part of the trend these days. You can also add a scarf to crown the Braid to give a beautiful look to the hairstyle.

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To make a crown Braid with a scarf, lift a little hair from one side and clip the rest of the hair. Wrap the scarf in the middle of the hair, now pick up the scarf and one part of the hair and start tying the braid.

After tying the braid, wrap it around your hair with a half updo look. This style is both unique and beautiful.

Princess Crown Braid

Teenage girls want to look as beautiful as a princess at every event. Princess Crown Braid will be a perfect hairstyle for them. To make this hairstyle, divide the hair into three parts, two short hairs on the front and a little longer on the back.

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Then start making Dutch Braid from one side, starting from one part in the middle of the head to the other. Shape the back hair into a ponytail and then divide the ponytail into four parts.


Now twist all four parts and tie the donut bun in a beautiful way. If you feel the need, finally spray the hair in the hair.

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