Ex-husband’s Notice to Veena Malik for 50 Crore


Asad Khattak, the ex-husband of a well-known model, actress and host Veena Malik, sent a notice of Rs 500 million in damages for illegally transferring the two children from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Pakistan.

Veena Malik’s ex-husband accused his ex-wife in a series of tweets released on a social networking site yesterday.

Asad Khattak wrote in his tweet that he thought a lot but now the scale of patience is full. He wrote that my silence was considered cowardice, I hope that a father will get justice because it is late with Allah and not darkness.

“Someone has to answer for the pain I am going through. I have sent a notice to Veena Malik seeking Rs 500 million in damages,” he wrote.

Asad Khattak said that Veena Malik, despite the passage of more than a year and a half, did not allow her to meet her children and did not allow them to talk.

He said that he had to resort to legal means out of frustration. Asad Khattak also said that the court in Dubai also ruled in his favour, but Veena escaped from there and the children were smuggled from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan.

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Veena Malik’s ex-husband said that both their children are American citizens.

He alleged that Veena Malik not only cheated him but also tricked the Dubai government into bringing the children to Pakistan.

He said that now Veena Malik will have to answer all the questions in the court. He also asked how 2 American citizens were smuggled from Dubai to Pakistan, where is the Pakistani government?

Asad Khattak also said that in spite of all this, he was the one who was humiliated, alleging that he and his family were threatened and harassed.

Veena Malik’s ex-husband said, “My career was ruined and market language was used against me, but the greatest asset of a human being is his offspring.


Explaining the reason for his silence for a year and a half, Asad Khattak wrote that he kept his mouth shut at the behest of eminent people and scholars, endured everything for the sake of children, but now it is time for his ex-wife to be real. Put it in front of everyone.

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Later, Asad Khattak also shared the orders of the Dubai court and the identity documents of the children on Twitter and wrote that I have sent a notice of Rs 500 million to Zahida alias Veena Malik and I have the right to take all kinds of strict legal action. Get my kids back.

Asad Khattak also released his video statement in this regard and appealed to the US mission to meet the children.


Veena Malik, on the other hand, shared divorce papers on Twitter in response to Asad Khattak’s allegations and wrote that the divorce took place in 2017.

He said on Twitter that while sharing the documents of guardianship of children, he said that according to the law and Sharia, he has the guardianship of children from September 25, 2019, and he has also been appointed the guardian of children in Dubai.

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It may be recalled that Asad Khattak and Veena were married on December 25, 2013, and have two children and Veena Malik divorced Asad Bashir Khattak in 2017.

The actress started her artistic career in 2000, after which she appeared in several Pakistani films and TV programs. Veena has acted in many Indian films like ‘Dal Mein Kachh Kala’, ‘Zindagi 50-50’ and ‘Supermodel’.

Veena has also appeared in the Indian reality TV show Big Boss.

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