Explanation of Sanam Jang’s Divorce Rumors


Explanation of Sanam Jang’s Divorce Rumors: On New Year’s Day Eve, actress Sanam Jang shared a lovely photo on Instagram, on which fans started commenting on her photo that she too got divorced.

But now the actress has clarified such rumours and fan comments and termed the news of divorce as false and fabricated.

Sanam Jang shared a photograph together with her husband in a cheerful mood on Instagram on January 3, saying that rumours of her divorce were spread supported by fan comments on her prosperous and married life.

The actress wrote that she had no intention of explaining the rumours of divorce and therefore the nonsensical comments within the news but because the rumours were disturbing her husband and other relations, she had to elucidate.

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The actress termed the comments and news of the fans as fabricated and said that there was no truth within the news of their divorce and their families are very upset with such news.

She wrote that her husband and other relations had received phone calls from several relatives whose happy lives were suffering from the rumours.

Sanam Jang wrote that her sixth anniversary is coming soon and she or he lives a cheerful life while she intends to spend the remainder of her life in the same way.


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He appealed to the fans to not spread rumours without knowing the facts about his personal life, as rumours are affecting his life and happiness.

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She also mentioned her husband Syed Abdul Qassam Jafari within the post.

After the actress released the reason, many of us prayed for her happiness and also thanked her for releasing the reason.

It may be recalled that Sanam Jang had married Syed Abdul Qassam Jafari a couple of years back, who has nothing to try to do with showbiz.

Sanam Jang gave birth to her first daughter at the top of 2016 and last year the actress and her daughter Alia Jaffery were also diagnosed with corona but both recovered within 2 weeks.

Explanation of Sanam Jang’s Divorce Rumors


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