Fire On Film Set After the Announcement of Saif Ali Khan’s Film ‘Adi Purush’

Fire On Film Set After the Announcement of Saif Ali Khan’s Film ‘Adi Purush’: After the controversy over Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan’s film ‘Tando’, now after the announcement of his new film, there has been an incident of fire on the set.

According to the Times of India, Indian film director Prabhas had announced on social media today that the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Adi Purush’, in which Saif Ali Khan is also starring, has started.

However, according to the report, a second-degree fire broke out on the set of the film at around 4 pm on the first day of the shoot.

About 50 to 60 people were on set at the time of the blaze, which took place in Film City in Gore village.

Fortunately, actors Saif Ali Khan and Prabhas were not part of today’s shoot.

According to sources, Mumbai Fire Brigade has sent 8 fire engines, 5 jumbo tankers, a water tanker, and a JCB to control the fire.

No casualties have been reported so far in the blaze.

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The fire is being put out on the set and the situation has been brought under control.

However, the cause of the fire on the seat is yet to be ascertained. It is believed that the fire started as a result of a short circuit on the seat.

It may be recalled that filmmaker Om Rawat is making the film ‘Adi Purush’, in which Prabhas is playing the role of Lord Ram of Hindus while Saif Ali Khan is playing the role of Linkesh (Ravan).

Last month, Dakar Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia’s web series ‘Tando’ was accused by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders of humiliating Hindu gods and goddesses.

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The filmmakers later apologized but the Hindu extremist party Karni Sena threatened the filmmakers with a violent act.

Saif Ali Khan has also been given extra security despite the controversy over his web series Tando.

Saif Ali Khan’s Film ‘Adi Purush’ Official Trailer


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