George Clooney Confesses to giving 1M Dollars to each friend


Hollywood actor George Clooney, 59, who has won several film awards, including two Oscars, and is considered one of the richest actors in the world, has admitted for the first time that he gave large sums of cash to his close friends in the past.

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George Clooney’s initial 14 million donations to 14 of his closest and dearest friends were revealed by a close friend.
Randy Garber, a close friend of George Clooney, revealed in a program on the US broadcaster MSNBC that George Clooney and 13 others had been given US 1 million, or more than 150 million Pakistani rupees in cash.

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According to Randy Garber, George Clooney gave the money to all 14 close friends, including him, five years ago.

The news caused a stir in the world media after the revelation of George Clooney’s friend, but the actor did not say anything about it at that time.

George Clooney

But now, two years after the discovery of the friend and seven years after the cash was given to the friends, he has admitted that he really gave one million US dollars to each friend.

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In an exclusive interview with Fashion Magazine (GQ), George Clooney said that in fact he had amassed a lot of wealth at that time and he was unmarried at that time and at the same time he was old.

George Clooney said that his sci-fi film ‘Gravity’ was released in 2013, and his team had agreed to give him a share of the film’s earnings.

According to the actor, the ‘Gravity’ team and the cast, including him, believed that the film would not do well, so the film team decided to give some of the actors, including him, a share of the earnings instead of paying them to work in the film Contracted

George Clooney said that by chance ‘Gravity’ became a blockbuster film and it made a record, due to which he got a lot of money. According to the 59-year-old actor, he was 52 at the time and the rest of his friends were older than him.

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Why George Clooney Gave $1M In Cash To 14 Pals


Recalling the time, the actor said that in those days he had a relationship with Amal, a British lawyer of Lebanese origin, but he was not sure that he would get married.


According to George Clooney, due to his loneliness, old age and old age, he decided to give money to only 14 of his closest and dearest friends.

George Clooney said he packed 14 million into 14 different bags and delivered them to a warehouse, where he blocked his friends and talked about other matters first, and then handed each one a bag. ۔

The actor said that although each friend was given 10 1 million in cash, it was not so much that no one could pick it up.

The actor said that since his friends were his precious assets and he always supported and helped them, he distributed the money among them.

George Clooney said in an interview that he married Amal, a British-born Lebanese lawyer, in 2014, exactly a year after distributing 14 million, or about 2 billion Pakistani rupees, among friends.

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He praised Amal Clooney and said that her life changed after she came into his life. George Clooney’s wife is 17 years younger than him and has also been a United Nations human rights ambassador.

Amal Clooney has access to international law and has fought lawsuits against the governments of many countries, including the United Kingdom.


George & Amal Clooney gave birth to twins in 2017, one son and one daughter. George Clooney also revealed in an interview that his son has asthma, so he cares for him more.

He (George Clooney) made his acting debut in 1978 and is considered one of Hollywood’s legendary actors, having won several film awards, including two Oscars.

George is one of the richest actors in the world, with an estimated fortune of more than 500 million.

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