I have Been a ‘feminist’ Since the time I didn’t even know the meaning of this word, Yasira Rizvi


I have Been a ‘feminist’ Since the time I didn’t even know the meaning of this word, Yasira Rizvi: Famous Pakistani actress Yasira Rizvi is currently facing criticism for being a part of the drama ‘Dunk’ based on allegations of harassment after the web series ‘Chardils’.

And now Yasira Rizvi has said in this regard that the witches did not make me a feminist but I have been a ‘feminist’ since the time when I did not even know the meaning of this word.

In an interview with Sim Thing Hot, she discussed her various roles, the controversy over the sting drama, and her thoughts on feminism.

Actress Yasira Rizvi is seen playing a strong role and doing justice to the role.

She played the role of Jagnu in the web series ‘Sparrows’ while nowadays she is playing the role of Saira, the wife of a professor who is facing allegations of harassment in the drama serial ‘Dunk’, on which she is facing criticism.

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Regarding the controversy over ‘Dunk’, Yasira said, “I thought I would do one drama a year and this is also happening.”

“I think it’s a good thing we’re living in an age where scandals are rampant,” he added.

Asked about Sawra’s complex roles from ‘Manto’ to ‘Chariles’ and now ‘Dink’ to Saira and ‘Dil Naamid To Nahin’, Yasira Rizvi said, ‘No one calls me for easy and normal roles.’ ۔


Asked about being a feminist, Yasira Rizvi said, “I am a feminist, and I have been since I did not even know the meaning of the word ‘feminist’.”

“I was not made a feminist by the witches. Two years ago, I wrote ‘Istaniji’ myself and acted in it. It was also a feminist project,” she said.

Yasira Rizvi said that take any project of mine before web series witches, look at my poetry, my life, look at my marriage to a boy 10 years younger than me, where do you think I got any license from anyone? Needed (feminism) is a way of life, a way of thinking.

The actress further said that “men and women should all have equality in the society, there should be personal freedom, no one’s civil liberties should be violated”.

Continuing, he said that men and women, transgender people, children, the elderly, everyone should have the right to have every right in life.

“I’m a feminist, I’m a Muslim, I’m a Pakistani, I’m a woman,” she added, “but everyone raises the question, ‘Am I not a woman?’ People ask in the comments, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ ‘ And I’ve been dealing with that for fifty-five years.

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In response to a question, Yasira Rizvi said that people cannot differentiate between actor and character even though they are very different things, the job of an actor is to play different roles.



He added that without knowing the life of an artist and his work, his life and character are decided on a video clip which is to be isolated.

Yasira Rizvi said that I decided to do the drama ‘Dunk’ because I thought I had heard this story before the script came out.

“I read it very carefully. The death of a man is not secondary to me, so if there is such a story in 20 stories, it should be shown,” he said.

Yasira Rizvi further said that the story is not 5 minutes long, it is 22 to 23 installments, not one but many things are under consideration.

He said that the issue of harassment was not discussed extensively by any drama that was ‘stinging’.

Yasira Rizvi said that in the first 6 to 7 episodes of the play, the story of false, true, only the results of the accusation has been shown.


He said that a man was accused, his wife and daughter began to be affected, there is only one way to tell a story.

The actress added, “Aren’t we telling stories where the woman is not lying? If it includes a true story that could harm the movement, wouldn’t it make the subject more comprehensive?”

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Yasira Rizvi said that it is not the fault of the survivor or the victim in harassment, it should be said, this is happening on 20 platforms, so if there is a story that says that it should be done responsibly, then it is fine.

“I can’t understand how the story of this drama is ending the campaign against harassment,” he said of the criticism of the story.

Regarding the drama, Yasira Rizvi said that this is the story of the same professor whose wife took her two daughters away from home on October 8, 2019, and committed suicide on October 9.

Yasira Rizvi said that mental health is also an important issue in this regard.

He also said about the drama that the real discussion of ‘Dink’ is on the media trial, false news circulates faster on the internet and in such a time one needs to be very careful.

Asked about the media trial, he said: “I’ve been on trial since the beginning, time used to talk about me, for some I was cool, for some, I was an over-actress, according to some poets I was a poet. Shouldn’t, it’s all part of my personal life.


He further said, “My name is Yasira Rizvi, this is my only introduction. If I am a combination of my experiences, ideas, things I have learned, my understanding, then do not politicize me.

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