I’m a lot more than a beautiful picture, Hania Amir

Trolling and criticism on social media Hania Amir have said that those who adopt inappropriate behavior should be to know that they are not just a beautiful picture but are much more than that.

The actress and singer shared his photo on Instagram while talking to the people in a long post and confessed that human beings can also be related to them.

Hania Amir wrote that he is young, young, and he is aware of the age of age, he will also make some mistakes in this process, they will also feel some mistakes and their thinking will also change.

But in many cases, their mind will not change.

The actor noted to criticize himself on social media, but he did not talk about a particular incident and wrote that he should be thinking for a long time that he would be happy with people who are happy?

According to Hania Amir, for the past few weeks, he was busy thinking that what do they do to keep people happy with negative thinking on the Internet?

According to the actress, their age is growing and they are learning many things and sometimes they also have a sense of their ignorance, but they will not ask for a human being, because they are part of life and age.

He wrote that after a few weeks, he has reached the conclusion that he is not aware that who is the owner of a person and mindset, and why should he be able to keep someone happy?

Hania Amir wrote that many people on the Internet have failed to understand them and they have to understand that they are not just a beautiful picture, but they are more than that.

Along with that, they clarified that they will not change themselves to keep other people happy, they are like, they will remain.

Hania Amir further wrote that he hopes that the rest of the people will be happy to live in a positive way and keep others happy with their mistakes and good like them.

Although Hania Amir did not make it clear in the recent past that he is criticizing that he is now criticizing, but in the past, he was not only criticized but was criticized but also due to his social media posts. There is also a troll.

A few weeks ago, a video was viral with his singer asher, in which he had seen wavelengths with them, due to which he was criticized.

In the video, Hania Amir could be seen fighting in love with love and he could be hugged.

After criticism of the people, Hania Amiri explained that Ashir Vijaya is like his brothers and he was fighting as sister and brother.

Previously, singer Asim Azhar has been trending on the news and social media due to their relationship with Asim Azhar.

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