Justice League and Avengers filmmaker accused of exploiting actresses


Justice League and Avengers filmmaker accused of exploiting actresses: Oscar-winning filmmaker Jose Wyden, 56, director of the most successful films ‘Justice League and Avengers’ and co-writer of ‘Tie Story and Pixar’, has been accused of gender discrimination and exploitation by several actors working with him. Impose

According to the Associated Press (AP), 50-year-old Karisma Carpenter, the lead actress of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, first starred with Oscar-winning filmmaker Jose Weiden. Allegations of exploitation.

Karisma Carpenter said in a series of lengthy tweets that although she considers it a privilege to associate the TV series (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) with her name, she does not want the name of its creator, Jose Wyden, to accompany her. Stay connected

He accused Jose Weiden of being an expert in making the environment worse for people and harassing them mentally and physically.

She recounted working with him during the play 20 years ago and wrote that she was pregnant at the time but the filmmaker left no stone unturned in exploiting her.

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The actress wrote that she was four months pregnant and because of her weight gain, Jose Weiden repeatedly called her “fat”, mocked her gender and religious beliefs, and ridiculed her for being a woman.

Karisma Carpenter also alleged that during a meeting, Jose Weiden made it clear to her about the pregnancy that he would fire her if she wanted to complete it.

The actress said that after the birth of her child, she was removed from the TV series.

According to the AP, at least two actresses who worked with Charisma Carpenter in the same drama also made allegations against director Jose Wyden.

After Charisma Carpenter (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), actress Sarah Michelle Geller also endorsed the director’s bitter behavior.

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She said that although she was young at the time of the shooting of the play, she is now 35 years old and she remembers how the environment was unsafe during the shooting.

He was followed by another actress in the same drama, Amber Benson, who also supported the allegations against Jose Wyden and expressed sympathy with Charisma Carpenter.

Amber Benson wrote that actress Karisma Carpenter is telling 100% truth and the shooting atmosphere of the play was really painful because of the director’s behavior.

In addition to the actors, Justice League actor Ray Fisher also expressed sympathy with Karisma Carpenter and confirmed that the director’s attitude is bad.

Actress Charisma Carpenter, who launched a new series of accusations against Jose Weiden via a lengthy social media post, admitted that she had acted “boldly” after Justice League actor Ray Fisher spoke out against the director’s behavior. Write against them.



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Filmmaker Amber Benson and Sarah Michelle Geller also make accusations; screenshot / YouTube / Instagram
In July last year, Justice League actor Ray Fisher accused Jose Wyden in a tweet that the director’s attitude was ridiculous with other actors and staff.

Ray Fisher wrote that during the “Justice League” he saw director Jose Weiden talking to other staff and actors in a bitter and insulting manner, which made the shooting of the film painful.

Jose Weiden has not yet issued a statement on the allegations made by the actors, nor have his representatives immediately responded to any questions regarding the allegations against him.

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