Maddie Mickelson ready to replace Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beats

In the third film of the upcoming fantasy film ‘Fantastic Beasts’, 57-year-old actor Johnny Depp will be replaced by Danish-born 54-year-old Madis Mickelson.

Johnny Depp parted ways with the upcoming fantasy film “Fantastic Beasts” on November 7 this month. Johnny Depp distanced himself from the film after the London High Court ruled against him in a defamation case.

Warner Bros., the production company of Fantastic Beats, had asked the actor to leave the film after the verdict against him.  Approving the production company’s request, Johnny Depp announced his departure from the film on November 7.

However, soon after the actor announced his separation from the film, his fans started an online petition demanding the production company to take the actor back to the film.

No decision has yet been made by the production company on whether to cast Johnny Depp back, but now it is reported that Johnny Depp is likely to be replaced by a Danish-born Hollywood actor.

Showbiz website Deadline reports that talks have begun between Madis Mickelson, a 54-year-old Danish-born actor, and the team for the fantasy film Fantastic Beasts.

According to the report, talks between the production company and the Danish actor to work together on a new film are still in the early stages and no decision has been made yet.

However, at the same time, it was said that the chances are that the Danish actor will be cast in place of Johnny Depp.

He had distanced himself from the film when the court ruled against him. Maddie Mickelson will replace Johnny Depp in the fantasy film who had acted in the first two films of the series.

Maddie Mickelson ready to replace Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beats 1

Mads Mickelson is a former Danish gymnast and dancer who has acted in a number of Hollywood films, including Danish films.

Maddie Mickelson is best known for her role in the 21st James Bond film, but she has also starred in a number of Hollywood films.

Mads Mickelson has worked mostly in Hollywood films, which were co-produced by British filmmakers or production companies.

The upcoming fantasy film ‘Fantastic Beasts’ is also being co-produced by American and British film companies and the story of this series is based on the characters of the famous fantasy series Harry Potter.

Two films of this film series have been released and its first film was released in 2016 while the second film was released in 2018. Now his third film is likely to be released by the end of next year.

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