Mahira Khan Entry in production After Acting


Mahira Khan Entry in production After Acting: After showing the essence of acting in dramas and films, actress Mahira Khan, who is called the superstar of Pakistan, has now entered the field of production.

Last January, Mahira Khan announced that she would be back on the small screen this year, but her entry into the production came as a pleasant surprise to fans.

Actress Mahira Khan announced her decision to try her luck in production in a post released on the social media app Instagram.

He shared a photo in his Instagram post which reads Soul Fry Films.

  • “There is a story behind everything and I live for stories, listen to them and tell them,” Mahra Khan wrote in the caption of her post.
  • “I am very excited and excited to share my first venture in production with the fans,” he added.
  • “I have no one better than Nina Kashif as an assistant in this new journey of production,” Mahra Khan wrote.
  • Mahira Khan further wrote that you and your stories will always be welcomed.
  • She also asked fans to check her Instagram after 4 pm if she was about to make a new announcement.
  • And in the evening he also announced his first production called ‘Twelfth Athlete’.
  • He wrote in his post that a story that revolves around the most popular cricket in all sports.
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Mahra Khan added that a story based on friendships, relationships, unity, failure, success, love, and bravery.

Actress Mahira Khan in her post also released a poster of her upcoming web series ‘Twelfth Player’ which will be released on TapeMed.TV.

In his post, he also said that this web series will feature YouTuber Shah Vir Jaffery and actor and singer Ali Zafar’s brother Daniel Zafar.


This web series is being directed by Adnan Sarwar while its story is written by Shahid Dogar.

On the other hand, a post was also shared by in which Saba Faisal, Sarmad Khost, actress Kunza Hashmi, Meira Sethi were also tagged who will probably be a part of this web series.

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Besides, actress Kunza Hashmi also mentioned in a post about being a part of Mahira Khan’s web series.

Kanza Hashmi also expressed good wishes for Mahira Khan and Nina Kashif at the launch of the first production house Civil Fry Films.

In addition, YouTube star Shah Vir Jaffery shared a poster of his upcoming web series ‘Twelfth Player’ on Instagram Story.

Shahveer Jafari wrote that he is eagerly waiting for fans to watch his web series.

He also shared a video on Instagram Story, in which he informed the fans to be a part of this web series.


He wrote that the poster you saw is from a web series of which I am a part.

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Shahveer Jafari added that he is very happy, excited, and proud to be a part of this web series.

Daniel Zafar also shared the poster of the web series and wrote in the caption that ‘Twelfth player – cricket, love, friendship, failure, unity, story of strength.

It is believed that Mahira Khan has so far announced the name of her first production, but she did not say when it will be released.

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