Maya Ali’s Dance and Hema Malni Revealed

Maya Ali’s Dance and Hema Malni Revealed: Like last week, some good news also came to the world of speculations and rumors in the world of rumors, when some good news also came to the fans.

Instead of being reduced to the spread of Corona’s spread in the world, where the governments appear to be disturbed, they also appear to be disappointed, Kevin that it also affects people’s mental health including the financial conditions of the industry. have been.

In order to avoid Korana’s wounds, Shubby’s personalities also show steps, and most of the Hollywood actress Jennifer Anstin’s measures were criticized, who announced to eliminate links to people who do not vaccine.

Jennifer Aniston’s vaccine ends with friendships

Actress Jennifer Aniston announced last week through social media posts that he is eliminating links and relations with all those people who did not vaccinate to avoid Corona’s wounds.

The actor has also criticized his decision, but he did not care about criticism and stay on his decision and said that such decisions are necessary to protect the world and prevent Corona.

Marriage of the sister’s sister

Recently the singer of the engagement in the engagement is not only very happy to be married to the sister-in-law of his sister, but he also shows the style of his fiancee Shahbaz Shahbaz.

In the marriage of the sister of the sister’s sister, many kinds of personalities attended and it also begins to get marriages that the sister is now married after sister.

Imam bags and Shahbaz shares have already been given to the beginning of 2022 in the marriage closure, they had an engagement in July 2021.

What did Manoj Bajpai learn from a 26-year-old movie?

Indian filmmaker and actor Manoj Bajpai says that he played every kind of role in Birdwood in 26 years, he also showed the police to the police and he also played the role of the agent.

There is also a stroke, however, now it has come to work very hard to hire the actor.

Speaking with Times of India, Manoj Bajaj said that now many new directories have come to Bollywood and have to work for themselves ahead of them, and they also have failures and poverty to reach this place.

Had to face many problems.

He said that he played every kind of role including at least 4 times police officers, 4 times a military officer, 4 times a military officer, 4 times a gangster, and many times professors, but he himself was burnt Are not keen to see in uniforms.

Manoj Bajpai is counted in a few versatile actors of Birdwood, he has also given instructions for some movies.

Talking to death closely during the film shooting, the compassionate chamber is crying

By contributing to the role of the villain in many Pakistani movies, Shafqat Chima, who has recently ranked the hero and heroine, recently told the story of the events with the events happening in the past in a TV interview.

Shafqat Cheema said in the TV show that in the past when he was shooting the film with the actor Saud, he was shooting a movie named by Saud, he sinks in water and got a new life.

According to the actor, to shoot the film’s son, he came to the water along with Saud when he did not come to swim and he had already told Saud to help because they used to swear.

Shafqat Cheema claimed that Saud did not help them after the mirror, and they themselves went out of the water and they left them and they drown them.

According to them, their younger brothers to help them, but both became unconscious and died die and another man came and helped them.

During the shooting of Sher Shah, Kada Advani and Sudharah Malhotra went to proximity

During the shooting of the Boulevid Action Thellar film lion Shah, Dara Advani and Sudhath Malhotra Main Main Main Genuinely increased real proximity to mirror the role of romantic mothers in the film.

According to the Indian Times, the Sher Shahman will show both romances, and recently, Manada Advani declared Sudhara Malhotra as his best friend in an interview, then the rumors spread that he has to grow.

After coming to the love of the love between the two, Sher Shah’s director also said that after shooting between the two actors, they are no problem with the love and closeness after shooting between the two actors, they did not even disrupt their film. ..

The rumors to grow the proximity between Canara Advani and Sudharah Malhotra are not the first time before they are talking about the community.

Jim wants to divorce from the wife’s wife

News is news that American actor James Adam Belushi Jim Biloshi filed a petition in court to divorce his third wife Jennifer Salon.

According to Shubz Website TMZ, their wife had approached the court to divorce them in 2018, but soon both of them had realized the mistake and the marriage of both of them had survived the end.

Now three years after celebrating the wife, filed a petition in the court, which is likely to be more legal proceedings in a few weeks.

Jim Belushi married Jennifer Salon in 1998 and both of them are also two adult children when the actor divorced two wives before them.

How were Hema Malni and Dharmendra married?

The popular and beautiful actor of Bidwood’s past, Hema Malini, and Dharminder’s marriage have been completed 41 years and there are two daughters of both, of which Aexi Devol has also been able to play the field of acting.

Hema and Dharmendra have fallen together in many movies in the past, however, surprisingly their marriage was accidental.

According to the Indian Times, Hema Malni told a TV show in the past that he had worked in many films with Dharmendra before the wedding, but he never thought he would marry them.

According to the actor, he thought that whenever he married, he will do it as a person like Dharminder and then walk forward to grow some proximity, but even if he did not want to marry them.

Hema Malni said that when he was mentally prepared to marry Dharminder, his family opposed and his marriage was accidental.

Hima Malni said that when the family opposed, they went to Dharminder and they told them that they would marry them now and then the actor had married them at that time.

Renaissance Reynolds and Black Layli singer Taylor Swift

Hollywood actor Renaissance Reynolds and his wife Black Layoli have expressed happiness that singer Taylor Swift used his children’s names in her songs.

According to the US Weekly, Taylor Swift added 5 and three years of children’s names in their songs in Album last year.

Taylor Swift later told that those who have used the names in the songs are Renaissance Reynolds and Black Loyal children, which now actor and his wife have expressed happiness.

Rine Reynolds and Black Layoli have honored the use of their children’s names in Taylor Swift’s songs.

The Renaissance Reynolds and Blackie’s wedding was in 2012, in the birth of son James in 2014 when Daughter’s birth was in 2016.

Sue against Vondel Janeiro

An Italian company filed a violation of an advertising agreement against the US’s head and supermodel Vondel Janeiro.

According to Reuters, the Italian Fashion Brand Liu JO on the Condel Jenner filed a case if not available for photos in an advertising campaign.

The fashion brand filed a civil case against the model, claiming that he paid a $ 15 million fee for the advertising campaign, for which the model was to participate in two advertising photoshoots. Didn’t do it.

Maa Ali’s dance video viral

The recent dance video of Maya Ali, who lives in the news was re-viral, in which he can be seen dancing with Babar Zahir.

The video of Maa Ali’s film was recorded during the shooting of Superstar, and it was recently viruses on social media.

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