Mia Khalifa’s Reactions on Priyanka Chopra’s Silence on Farmers’ Protest


Mia Khalifa’s Reactions on Priyanka Chopra’s Silence on Farmers’ Protest: Lebanese-American actress and sports anchor Mia Khalifa last week expressed solidarity with protesting Indian farmers, raising questions about human rights abuses in India.

After just one tweet, Mia Khalifa’s popularity in India had increased and the people there also thanked him for expressing solidarity with Indian farmers.

Like Mia Khalifa, singer Rihanna and social leader Greta Thunberg also expressed solidarity with Indian farmers, prompting the Indian government to lash out at international figures for not supporting Indian farmers.

However, Mia Khalifa continued to support Indian farmers and has been tweeting in support of protesting farmers for the past week.

Now he is questioning the silence of actress Priyanka Chopra, who moved to the US after marrying American singer Nick Jones.

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In a brief tweet on February 7, Mia Khalifa called Priyanka Mrs. Jones and questioned her silence on the farmers’ protest.

Mia Khalifa’s Reactions on Priyanka Chopra’s Silence on Farmers’ Protest, The Lebanese-American actress wrote that she is curious about Priyanka Chopra’s silence.


The actress wrote that Mrs. Jones’s silence reminded her of the silence of singer Shakira during the Beirut bombings.

Although Priyanka Chopra herself did not respond to Mia Khalifa’s tweet, her fans reminded the Lebanese-American actress that the Indian actress had spoken out earlier on the farmers’ protest.

Priyanka Chopra’s fans also shared Priyanka Chopra’s tweet in December 2020 in the comments of Mia Khalifa’s tweet, in which the actress supported the farmers’ protest.

Commenting on actor and singer Daljit Dasanj’s tweet in December 2020, Priyanka Chopra had termed the farmers as India’s food soldiers and expressed hope that the issue of farmers would be resolved amicably.

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At the same time, some people criticized Priyanka Chopra while commenting on Mia Khalifa’s tweet and wrote that nowadays Mrs. Jones is busy promoting her biography and therefore she is refraining from talking about the issue of farmers.

She doesn’t want her book sales to decline.

In addition to the above tweet, Mia Khalifa also made other tweets in support of Indian farmers. In another tweet, the actress also shared a picture of biryani for Indian farmers.

Mia Khalifa also shared videos of food sent by Indian social leaders and thanked Indians for sending food after supporting the farmers’ movement.


Apart from Mia Khalifa, other international showbiz, sports, and political figures are also expressing solidarity with Indian farmers.

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Indian farmers have been protesting in several cities, including the capital New Delhi, since November last year, demanding that the government repeal anti-farmer laws enacted last year.


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