Parents advise not to be busy dealing with depression – Aamir Khan’s Daughter


Bollywood’s Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan’s daughter Ara Khan had revealed that she was sexually harassed by her own relatives at a very young age and when she was exploited, she did not know what to do with them.

He also admitted to suffering from mental disorders at a very young age and said that although his parents had divorced at an early age, the incident did not affect his mental health.

According to Ara Khan, after a while she came out of this depression but still there was always confusion in her mind and she still does not understand what was the cause of her mental confusion?

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After which Ara Khan released a video on Instagram in which he told about the advice given to his parents Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta as well as doctors and ‘Aunty Kiran (Aamir Khan’s current wife).

According to the Hindustan Times, he said that different people express their depression in different ways, so a strategy that is good for one person may not be good for another.

Ara Khan wrote in the caption of his post that what advice can you give to a depressed person when you don’t really know how their depression is affecting them?


“What should you say?” What should you not say? ‘

Aamir Khan’s daughter gave the example of the advice she was given that she was told to ‘stay positive, work out, stay busy’.

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Ara Khan said that after consulting at least 4 doctors, he realized that being busy is not exactly what he should do.

He said that he also consulted his parents and ‘Aunt Kiran’ and all of them instructed him not to be busy, not to run from one thing to another.

Ara Khan further said that she used to enjoy workouts a lot but now she is afraid of workouts.  “I used to work out a lot, but now I’m scared, which is frustrating,” he said.




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