Priyanka Chopra Was Caught With Her Boyfriend in 10th Class


Priyanka Chopra Was Caught With Her Boyfriend in 10th Class: Internationally acclaimed Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has revealed many secrets in her book ‘Unfinished’ and also narrates an interesting incident that she was a 10th class student when she was caught at home with her boyfriend.

Were gone. According to the Indian Express, Priyanka Chopra wrote in her book about the incident that I lived with my aunt in the US state of Indiana and at school, I met a boy named ‘Bob’, whose sense of humor made him Bob gave me a gold chain as a gift and I fell in love with him. We both thought we would get married.

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Priyanka writes in her book that one day Bob and I were watching TV at home so much so that I realized as if someone had entered the house, she was actually my aunt so I got upset at that moment and I called Bob.

Hidden in the closet, it was not time to come to Aunty’s house but when she came she was also angry and headed straight for the closet, I felt like I was sitting and reading When Aunty opened the closet as soon as she came in the room, there was Bob in front of her.

I was very scared at that time because I had never seen Aunty so angry. The actress said that Aunty immediately called my mother and said that she believed.

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Not that Priyanka lied to him and there was a boy in her closet.

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