Rakhi Sawant Sexually Harassed By Friend, When She asked Money For Mother Treatment


Rakhi Sawant Sexually Harassed By Friend: Actress Rakhi Sawant, who is a part of season 14 of India’s most controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, is in the news every day because of her controversial statements, and in the recent episode of Bigg Boss, Rakhi Sawant has revealed her personal life issues and sexual harassment. He also revealed that he was a victim of

He claimed that a friend sexually harassed him in the car under the pretext of paying for his mother’s treatment.

While talking to Rahul Vidya in Bigg Boss, Rakhi Sawant revealed that her mother had a heart attack when she started her career in the showbiz industry.

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“I was very young, I found out I went to the hospital and they said it would cost a lot of money,” he said.

Rakhi Sawant went on to say that she sought help from a friend for her mother’s treatment and told her that she needed money so she asked to see her the next day.

“I thanked him and said I would return the money, so he said there is no need to return it. What more than my mother and by saying such words she won my trust,” he said. ۔

Rakhi Sawant added that the car was imported and I could not even open the lock from inside.


He said, ‘This friend said that I am giving you so much money in Rakhi, so what will you give me? I said I can’t give anything, I didn’t have that much sense.

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“When I told her I couldn’t give her anything, she told me to be naked, I screamed, tried to stop her, and when I refused, she kicked me out of the car,” he said. Thrown down on the road and left.

“My soul trembles, I haven’t told my mother or anyone else yet,” said Rakhi Sawant.

“I don’t sleep alone after this night, I’m scared, I’ve never met him since that day,” he said.

Later, when Rahul Vidya expressed his best wishes for her to be happy and become a good mother, Rakhi Sawant cried.

Rakhi Sawant cried and said that her husband Ratish was already married and she did not know this before she married him.

“I didn’t find out, but I was shocked and since then my mother has been sick,” he said.


Talking to Rahul Vidya, she said, “I am also a human being, no matter how much I suffer, my husband has a child, he has threatened me with divorce five times and I want to save my marriage.”

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It may be recalled that Rakhi Sawant was married to a British businessman Riteish on July 28, 2018, but it was announced about a week later.

Speaking to Indian media, Rakhi had revealed that she is married to one of her fans who are from the UK, and the two love each other very much.

However, they kept the news of their wedding secret and also hid the photos and videos of the occasion from the world.


Rakhi Sawant Sexually Harassed By Friend, When She asked Money For Mother Treatment


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