Release of 25th James Bond Movie Postponed Till October 2021


Release of 25th James Bond movie Postponed Till October 2021: Although the 25th screening of the upcoming Hollywood movie ‘James Bond’ was postponed three times due to the Coronavirus epidemic that started in China in December 2019, now the release of the said film has been postponed once again.

The upcoming James Bond film “No Time to Die” was originally scheduled to be released in April 2020, but was postponed due to the Corona epidemic.

The team later hoped to release the film in October 2020, but it was postponed until November 2020. But even if it was not released in November, it was announced to be released in April 2021.

Although the release of other films like ‘James Bond’ was delayed or postponed, many mega-budget films were later released online and it was thought that ‘James Bond’ would also be released online.

However, now the film team has announced that the film will be released in October 2021 instead of April. However, it is believed that if the theaters do not open by October, the release of the film may be postponed for more time. ۔

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According to the Associated Press (AP), the film was announced to be released on October 8, 2021, on the official Twitter handle of James Bond.

The AP quoted an official of the film production company as saying that the film was initially scheduled to be released in June 2021, but some officials feared that the sanctions imposed by Corona might not be implemented by then. It Will is hit, so the film should be postponed for more time.


Cinema theaters are currently closed in most countries in Asia, from the United States to the United Kingdom and Europe, while other routines are also restricted, which is why production companies are not releasing films.

The upcoming James Bond film “No Time to Die” is the last film in the series, the trailers of which were released in 2019.

The film will likely see Daniel Craig play the role of James Bond for the last time.
The trailer, released in December 2019, shows British actor Daniel Craig playing the lead role of a spy once again and perhaps for the last time.

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The trailer also featured actress Lashana Lynch, who plays the role of the next spy.

The trailer shows British detective James Bond, Daniel Craig, trying to complete a dangerous mission. ۔

The interesting thing about the story of the 25th film of the James Bond series is that this time the spy James Bond will be seen asking for help from a friend belonging to the CIA while this time the character of James Bond will be seen in the film. I will also be seen retiring and returning to normal life.

“No Time to Die” shows the spy searching for a kidnapped scientist and encountering many dangerous people and new technology weapons.

According to the film’s story, James Bond will eventually retire after the success of the mission, after which his responsibilities will probably be given to a woman who will appear as a spy in the next film of the series.


There are reports that a woman will play the role of James Bond in the next film of James Bond and in this 25th film, the woman i.e. Lishana Lynch is also seen who accompanies James Bond.

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James Bond’s next 26th film will be the first to feature British spy James Bond in the role of a woman, Lishana Lynch.

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