Shooting of Sajjal Ali’s first Hollywood film completed?


The shooting of Sajjal Ali’s first Hollywood film completed?: Last month, on January 15, it was reported that Pakistani actress Sajjal Ali was cast in British film producer Jemima Goldsmith and Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor’s What’s Love Got To Do With It. went.

And now Sajjal Ali has shared photos on Instagram with the film’s producer Jemima Goldsmith, after which it is being speculated that the shooting of the Pakistani actress’ film may have been completed.

Although the said film of Sajjal Ali is a British film, this film is being made in collaboration with American companies and actors and it will be released under the banner of Hollywood Production House, then it is being called a Hollywood film.

Hollywood movies are usually called American movies, but British movies are also given the status of Hollywood movies in which American companies or actors are working.

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Although Sajjal Ali has shown the essence of acting in Pakistani and Bollywood films, she will soon be seen in action in the first Hollywood film.

Sujal Ali and Jemima Goldsmith shared the photos taken together on February 16 on Instagram, after which rumors started circulating that the shooting of their upcoming film was over.

Although the duo did not specify whether the shooting of the film was completed or not, it is believed that the film was shot after Sajjal Ali used the phrase ‘beautiful memories’ in a photo shared with Jemima. The shooting is complete.


It is not yet clear what kind of role Sajjal Ali will play in the film, but it is possible that she will play the role of a young girl.

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The story of What’s Love Got To Do With It revolves around the romance between a British and an Asian couple.

The story of the film is written by Jemima Goldsmith while he is also the producer of the film. The cast of the film includes Sajal Ali, Indian actress Shabana Azmi, Pakistani-born British actor Shahid Latif, British actress Lily James and Emma Thompson among others.

There are rumors that Jemima Goldsmith wrote the story of the film inspired by her personal life, but no explanation has been released.

Jemima Goldsmith has previously produced films, shows, and documentaries.

Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor, who directed What’s Love Got To Do With It, has also directed Hollywood films in the past.


Shekhar Kapoor will return to the global film world 13 years after directing the film, having previously directed the 2007 biography film (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), which also won an Oscar for Best Production. Was found

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Jemima Goldsmith is the ex-wife of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and both were divorced in 2004.

Jemima Goldsmith and Imran Khan were married in 1995 and have two sons, Suleiman and Qasim, who are currently studying in London and live with their mother, Jemima Goldsmith.

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