The Dead body of Bollywood Actor Asif Basra was recovered from a guest house


Bollywood actor Asif Basra has been found dead in a guest house in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and his death is being termed as suicide.

“Asif Basra committed suicide this (January 12) morning,” SP Dharamshala Vim Kit Ranjan was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

He said that the body of the actor was sent for an autopsy which will be done tomorrow.   The SP added that no suicide note was received from the actor.

In India’s showbiz and TV industry, the tendency of actors to commit suicide is also higher than in other countries.

The rising suicide rate among TV and showbiz people in India can be gauged from the suicide of six actors in six months.

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While the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput is still a topic of discussion in India, now another Indian actor has also reportedly committed suicide.


According to the Times of India, Asif Basra, 53, was born in Amaravati and moved to Mumbai in 1989. According to his website, Asif Basra had a BSc degree in Physics and started his career as a Theater Arts.

She started her career with the film ‘She’ in 1998, starring in ‘Black Friday’, ‘Parazania’, ‘Outsourced’, ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’, ‘Kai Poche’, Starred in ‘Crush 3’, ‘A Villain’, ‘Hitchhiker’.

Over the past decade, Asif Basra has participated in more than 50 workshops on leadership, communication, and team-building at the Workplace.

She was last seen this year in the second season of the Disney and Hotstar web series ‘Hostages’, which was released this year.

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Bollywood Actor Asif Basra appeared in the role of Media House Senior Executive in Amazon Prime’s web series Patal Lok, which was released earlier this year.

Asif Basra had played the role of actor Imran Hashmi’s father in ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’. He also played the role in the National Award-winning Gujarati film ‘Rong Side Raju’ (2016).

Many Indian showbiz personalities also expressed grief over the death of Asif Basra. Manoj Bajpayee tweeted, “It’s amazing, I shot with him before the lockdown.”


Before Asif Basra, actor Akshat Atkarsh had allegedly committed suicide in Mumbai on September 29. Earlier, on September 9, 26-year-old Tamil actress Sharavani Kondapalli had committed suicide after being sexually harassed.

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Popular Bhojpuri film actress Anupama Phatak, 40, also committed suicide on August 7 before Sharavani Kondapalli.

A day before the Bhojpuri actress, 44-year-old actor Sameer Sharma, who has acted in popular Indian dramas like ‘Story of the house to house, these are relationships of love and what should I call this love’, had also allegedly committed suicide.

Before Sameer Sharma, 34-year-old Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput also committed suicide on June 14.

Many actors, singers, and fashionistas have committed suicide in India before.

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