20 Tips To Clean Your House Easily In 2023

Clean Your House Easily: A clean and tidy home has a magical effect on your personality.

Organizing a home away from the psychological benefits means that you get rid of clutter and keep things to yourself.

But repairing a broken home is not an easy task but a few tips can help you a lot.

Set your goal first

Before making any changes in the house, decide what you want to do, what rooms you want to work in, specific rooms, or the whole house, then decide what can and cannot work there.

Once you are aware of the defects in the rooms, then work on fixing them.

Don’t use your home as a store

Picking up items from a room and throwing them in the store is not a good idea.

According to Mari Kondo, a household goods management specialist, those who store items are actually storing them, and picking up and throwing things away is simply a deception that you have solved the problem of a scattered home.

So think carefully about your storage location such as a closet, basement, or storeroom, and decide what to keep there so that it does not become a cluttered place later.

Determination of useful items

Keep only those items that are useful or entertaining to you.

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It is not necessary that they be needed daily, they can be helpful even on certain days or seasons, so keep them neatly in a certain place, do not throw them like that.

Ask yourself which item is best, favorite, or necessary

According to experts, this simple fact can help you decide which items to keep and which items to throw out of the house.

Small start

If you have the determination and need to see what a compact and organized space can do for you, start with a small space that you see every day.

Be it a bathroom cabinet or a kitchen utensil. In the same way, gradually increase the circle.

Schedule time for this work

It is not necessary to make the whole kitchen clean and tidy in one night, if you are short of time then allocate time accordingly for this work.

Like fixing a kitchen box every night and starting from the easiest place first so that the motivation to work increases.

Leave big tasks for the holidays

Leaving the cleaning and tidying up of large areas on the day off will also give you a sense of satisfaction in your work as it is expected that there will be more time for work.

Don’t waste time looking for storage solutions

If your room or home is too spacious or cluttered, don’t even think about arranging them. Decide first what items you really need and what you don’t.

Doing so will make it easier for you to store the essentials and wrap up the room, but you will also be able to do this quickly.

Don’t handle junk

It is very difficult to throw away something given by a loved one or give it to someone else so that it can be used.

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But when you don’t need a gift or don’t like it, get rid of it without any regrets because maybe someone else can use it in a better way.

Imagine that you are moving house

Changing home is not easy, which is why if you are planning to renovate a house or a room, pretending that the house is changing helps you in this task.

A simple rule

To prevent a re-arranged room from collapsing in the future, promise yourself that whenever you bring something new to the space, you will remove the existing one.

With this method, it is not possible to collect more goods.

Determining the importance of things

Ask yourself about anything you’ve used in the last 90 days, if not, will you use it in the next 90 days?

If you feel that this is not going to happen then it is better to give it to someone else, you can decide the number of days yourself ie 45 or 120 or 365 days instead of 90.

Buying your own goods for others

Be it books, apparel, or home decor, choose to buy your items with the intention that you are buying them to give to your loved ones.

This will make the process of tidying up the house more exciting.

The best way to sort clothes

Deciding which clothes to wear and which not? So try the Philip Hanger truck.

In the beginning, put your clothes on the hanger and hang them in the closet, keeping all of them facing the upper part of the hanger to one side.

Each time you put on the clothes and hang them again, turn the upper part to the other side and after a certain time like 3 months see how many clothes are out of use and donate them to someone in need.

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Don’t pile things up

If you are in the habit of stacking clothes and other items on a chair, think about changing that habit now.

With the help of hooks or racks etc. all the items can be hung in the right places. If you still feel that you do not want to work so hard then keep the fair cloth basket near the chair so that the place looks clean.

The idea of papers

Papers are collected very easily, although much of it is now available online.

When filing papers need to be filed, handle important documents and put them in the file, but if possible, think about scanning and digital storage, tearing up the rest of the useless papers, and throwing them in the trash.

Set a limit

If you are organizing apart like a kitchen or a wardrobe, decide how much space there should be for a particular item like clothes or utensils.

How many wardrobe shelves should be for shoes and other items or which utensils should be reserved in kitchen cabinets.

Keep the spot surface clean

Be it kitchen counters, tables, or drawers, use their spot space sparingly, the fewer items, the better they will look.

Avoid haste

Most people make the mistake of rushing into a house or a room, but most of the time they carry things elsewhere.

If you do not have much time to collect, do as much as you can in the available time, leave more work for later.

Tidying up the house is a chore not just once

Once you’ve tidied up the house, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have to do it again.

But the good news is, it’s easy to do that again.

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