What Do You Think is The Secret Behind a Successful Marriage?


What do you think is the secret behind a successful marriage? In fact, finding the best friend in your marriage makes your marriage happier.

This was revealed in a study that found that a good friend in the form of a spouse makes the relationship stronger and happier.

The study included couples who had been living happily ever after for more than 15 years.

The couple was asked about the secret of success in marriage and most of them replied that their spouse is also their best friend.

The second most common answer was that they like their partner as a person, which is another important aspect of friendship-based love.

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Research has shown that a deep and strong friendship with a spouse not only makes life happier but also improves emotional, physical, and mental health.


Research has found that friendship-based love, feelings of intimacy, and shared interests increase couple satisfaction.

Another study found that good friendships between couples bring them closer together and make them feel more satisfied in life.

Another study found that marrying one’s best friend benefits women more than men.

The same study also found that on average, fewer women consider their spouse their best friend than men.

What do you Think is The Secret Behind a Successful Marriage?



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