why girls Cheat More? (Complete Research)


Have you ever wondered why girls Cheat More and how can we know that they are Cheaters?

Psychologists researching this topic say that women’s romantic behavior The main reason for the change is the inattention they receive.

It can also be easily noticed when women’s behavior changes due to a lack of attention. Psychologists say that women need the full and constant attention of their spouses.

And if they know that If you do not get your full attention, they will gradually lose interest in the relationship.

Experts say that women are egoistic about their importance, meaning that if they feel that their spouse does not value them,

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They feel deeply saddened and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to live with such a person.

A large number of women are watching pornographic material on the internet, of course, this revelation is very sad.


But knowing what kind of movies they are watching, you will not understand what to say.

According to the news website “The Metro”, “Masculine Homosexuality” is the second most popular topic among women on the world’s largest pornographic website.

Dr. Lucy Neville, a scientist at the University of Leicester who is researching the subject.

He says that 55% of women who watch male homosexual movies think of themselves as a man while watching these movies, as if they are imagining themselves on screen Are part of the visible scene.

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Collected from pornographic websites Data from the last two years show that about 37% of Internet users who view pornographic content based on male homosexuality are women.

Researchers say this is a complex issue. Why girls are watching pornographic movies based on male homosexuality needs to be researched to find out the reasons for this shocking behavior.


that is the main reason why girls Cheat More

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