Wikipedia and Google made Halima Sultan (Esra Bilgic) the mother of Yasir Hussain

In October this year, Famous search engine Google introduced Indian actress Anushka Sharma as the wife of Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan.

And now Google and Wikipedia are introducing the actress Isra Bulgach, who played the role of ‘Halima Sultan’ in the Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul Ghazi‘, as the mother of Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain.

Due to a glitch in the Internet search engine algorithm, Google had offered Anushka Sharma, the wife of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, as the wife of unmarried Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan.

Halima Sultan (Esra Bilgic) the mother of Yasir Hussain

Now, due to a mistake or malfunction of the algorithm, Isra Bulgach is being presented as the mother of Yasir Hussain.

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This mistake is probably due to Google’s algorithm which is searching for Yasir Hussain’s name and opening the search page in the Wikipedia section, presenting Isra Bulgaj as his parents

.The Turkish actress is being discussed on social media after being introduced as the mother of a Pakistani actor

if the Wikipedia page is opened, there is no mention of Isra Bulgach in it and similarly, if the name of Yasir Hussain’s father is searched on Google, there is no error in the algorithm.

However, in the introductory section of Yasir Hussain on the main page of the search, Isra Balgich has been introduced as his parents.

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On the same search page, Iqra Aziz has been presented as his wife.

Due to a glitch in the algorithms of Wikipedia and Google, there is a lot of discussion on social media about presenting Isra Bulgach as the mother of Yasir Hussain.

According to IT experts who monitor Internet SET(search engine tools), this mistake may be due to the fact that Yasir Hussein has been seen criticizing Turkish drama characters in recent months.

According to experts, the algorithm is presenting the Turkish actress as his mother due to Yasir Hussain’s criticism of Isra Balgich being appointed ambassador of Pakistani brands.

Isra Bulgich became famous for playing the role of Halima Sultan in a Turkish play

Interestingly, Wikipedia and Google search engines are reporting that Yasir Hussain is 36 years old while Isra Bulgach is 28 years old, meaning that the internet has made a young woman the mother of a man 8 years older than herself.

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