how to detox your child from video games


Parents whose children play a lot of digital or video games have often heard such parents complain about their children and such parents blame video games and say that our child is ‘slowly’ getting out of our hands.

But in this mandatory statement, parents are generally ignoring their role and the reasons why children play more gaming.

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According to a few studies of children playing games over time, there is a risk that children who play excessive video games may become addicted to gaming disorders or gaming addictions.

However, most parents do not understand the term gaming disorder or game addiction correctly, so we will understand the term first, then move on.


What is Gaming Disorder or Game Addiction?

According to the World Health Organization, gaming disorder is a mental illness that means that gaming, online or offline, affects a child’s behaviour to such an extent that they are unable to maintain a balance between playing games and other areas of life. ۔


One of the signs of this is that the child is not able to skip games despite experiencing negative consequences and difficulties.

But this behaviour in children needs to be monitored with special attention and in this regard, their behaviour, as well as their daily life, should be looked at.

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Parents can also better monitor their children by following the instructions in this regard.

Major reasons for the increase in gaming duration

It is important to understand that not every child who plays games for a long time suffers from this disorder, but there may be other reasons that need to be understood and accordingly the child needs to be removed from the game.



One of the main reasons is to think, ‘Video games are fun.’ Video games put children to the test, introducing them to new and exciting worlds, competing with each other and creating different abilities, but at the same time, overuse can lead to problems.

A way to stay connected with friends

Video games are also a great way to stay connected with your friends, especially when your child’s friends live far away.


When the parents of a child asked their son, who was playing a deadly game like ‘Call of Duty‘, the reason for too much gaming, he said that all my old friends are present on this gaming platform after school.

Play and talk together Older children may be particularly attracted to gaming because of this. Children should be encouraged to play physical games instead of playing games on digital devices.

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Simply put, depression is actually the name of a state or condition in which a person loses some energy and movement and is constantly sad or depressed.

It is difficult for them to get out of bed, just as going to work, doing homework or meeting people is a headache for people with depression because such people cannot afford to expend their mental energy. Keep

But these people are easily prepared for gaming because it does not require them to accumulate mental energy, on the contrary, it takes them away from reality and into the imaginary world of gaming.

Other mental issues

Other mental illnesses such as social anxiety (in which a person is constantly unrealistically afraid to go to social events and public places), according to psychological research.


how to detox your child from video games



ADHD is a condition in which a person cannot focus on a single thing for a long time and has autism (difficulty in communicating, repeating the same behaviour over and over again, unnatural attention to discipline and extreme People who are sensitive can also spend twice as much or more time on digital and video gaming.

After reading and memorizing the above, a common question arises in the minds of ordinary people, then what should be the duration of gaming for children?

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What is the duration of gaming?

The best and most ideal thing is for children not to play video games or just to allow them to play games occasionally during the week or month.

however, in the real world, it is becoming very difficult and even impossible for parents to do all this.


The regular duration of video games has not yet come from any international organization, but the element of ‘moderation’ is the most important here in every case.

One to three hours of gaming use showed no significant harm, according to a study by Oxford University.

However, children who spend more than 3 hours on mobile, console or online gaming experience depression, excessive mobility, and focus.

Problems such as not having and having problems with other children can occur.

How to reduce gaming disorder?

The most important thing in this regard is to know well why the child suffers from gaming disorder or why he is addicted to video games for hours.

Is it because of keeping in touch with friends or is it because of some mentality behind it?


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