5 Best Juices For Dieting [Juices For Weight Loss]


5 Best Juices For Dieting: Obesity is a disease that causes infections, diseases, and other dangerous diseases. When speaking obesity, then the word ‘dialing’ comes with him very much.

Most people who wish to lose weight are suffering from a misunderstanding that using a solid diet and fully use a ‘liquid’ diet will meet the purpose of dieting.

People who drink cookies, sugar, chocolates, and other such items are thinking that they will be more thankful to them, but if you are just dependent on a liquid diet for weight loss today.

We tell you that whomever drinks are healthy for weight loss, which drinks are unhealthy for you.

There are 5 Juices For Dieting

1. Apple juice

Most experts are considered to be very healthy, according to nutrition, but indeed, apple food and apple juice are very different. 100% pure juice of apples is not suitable for weight loss in any form.

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100% of apples are very high in pure juice, the number of thanksgiving and calories are very high, which causes weight loss.


There is no doubt that the amount of vitamins in apple juice is very high, but they are not thankful.

The amount of sugar in the pure juice of a glass apple is equal to a soda can.

2. Orange juice

The mall or singer like apple does not even be so healthy for dating.

In this, the quantity of 5 to 10 percent when the higher fracture corn serpent (HFCS) is very high.

The HFCS is extracted from the corn yeast and it is sweet and cheaper thanks to the flavor, that is why many food companies use it as a cheap alternative to thanksgiving.

High fracture corn serpent is capable of absorbing skin in blood, resulting in blood sugar levels reduced quickly and you wish to eat more sweet food.


3. Smoothie

Fresh Smoothness (with fresh fruits, milk, yogurt, or ice cream, and thick syrups with ice cream and thick syrups) can be very healthy, but not already packed packs on shops.

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It may be disappointed for many people because it is considered as fruit and vegetables, it is considered very healthy.

There is a lot of thanksgiving in Smurfihi, which is not healthy for those who want to lose weight loss.

The amount of sugar in synthesis can be more than a soda can.

Because most of the vegetables and fruits pressing too much their fiber (fiber) goes out and only sugars.

4. Soda

No surprise to join this list of sodas, because we all know that the amount of thanksgiving in Soda is more, but do you know that about 12 teaspoons in cancer of average soda?


Thanksgiving? When the amount of sugar in a normal size chocolate bar is in half.

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If you drink daily soda, it makes it a lot of potatoes to grow your stomach.

The use of soda does not increase the stomach but also increases the fat on the internal organs and it is the most dangerous type of grease that spreads around your internal organs.

5. Mix coffee

Coffee is found in different shapes and types today, with Carroll or Vanilla flavor, ice coffee, etc.

In these types of coffee, an average of 560 calories, 14 grams of cache (serial) greasy, and 80 grams are granted.

If you drink Floor or Ice enough daily, you can add half a half kilograms in a week.


Black coffee is the best option if you want to drink coffee and deficiency.

5 Best Juices For Dieting [Juices For Weight Loss]


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